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Database of Eagle Transporter Kitbashing Parts


Picture references of the original studio models.

There are superbly done reference pictures on David's (Mark42) site.
photo's credited to David and Chris (DX-SFX)

Main page

Restoring Eagle One

Eagle One today

Original large Hawk

There is much, much more than this on his site though!

If you know of other good reference sites then please post them up :)


partial kit list

Anderson general kit list

Hope this can be of use to all!
Please let me know of additions or bad listings.

Be aware that the same kit listed 2 or 3 times usually means that the mold was shared by companies. A good example of this is the Airfix Harrier which is also packaged as a MPC kit, or the old Aurora kits which were repoped by Revell/Monogram!

I'll edit the list as more pop up

Some are not verified

*****This list covers Anderson shows from Supercar thru 1999!*****

Chevy Corvair-TB-ST-FB
Kenworth Tractor (1/25 scale)W-925, Moving On, Alaskan Hauler, Transit Cement Mixer-1999
Star Trek Klingon ship (TOS)-1999
TNT Exterior Post Van-Bower replica of an eagle

AD-1 skyraider
B-29 Superfortress-1999-UFO
Bloodhound missle
F 104 starfighter
French Mirage III
Harrier 1/24-1999-UFO-
James Bond Autogyro-1999
Lunar lander-1999
P 51D-1999
Railroad truss bridge-1999-UFO-St-TB-CS
Saab Drakken-TB-ST
Saturn 1b-1999
Saturn 5-1999-UFO
Scammel tank transporter-1999
Sikorsky Seaking
Spanish galleon
SRN1 Hovercraft-1999
SRN4 Hovercraft-1999
Tiger Moth-TB
Traveling Crane-1999
1910 type B bus "Old Bills Bus"
King Tiger
Crusader III tank
AIRFIX Vosper MTB (Torpedo boat)-1999

Boeing 707
Boeing 727
F 104 starfighter
F-5 freedom fighters
Sikorsky S55/H-19-TB
USS Nautilus

Open Box Girder Bridge -1999

Oil refinery
Oil starage tanks
Water tank

Saab Drakken-TB
B-58 Hustler
Water tank

1/48 Hetzer (Kagdpanzer)

Revell / Monogram
AD-1 skyraider
B-58 Hustler-TB
Bomarc- ST-TB-Joe90
F 104 starfighter
Gemini space craft-1999-UFO-
Lunar lander1999-UFO
Mercury Atlas Rocket
Polaris Cutaway-1999
Redstone rocket
Saturn 5 1/96 scale-1999
Scissor bridge-1999?-UFO
Sikorsky S55/H-19
Space Taxi
SR 71 Blackbird
Tri Pacer
USS Nautilus
V-2 rocket_1999


Tillie the toiler-UFO

Spanish galleon-ST

Cheiftain tank-1999
M551 Sheridan
Panther A
8RAD SDKFZ 232-1999-UFO
Tyrell P34 F1 6wheel Indy car
John Player Special


ex..Railroad truss bridge-1999-UFO-St-TB-CS=
Railroad truss bridge used on Space 99,UFO,Stingray,Thunderbirds,Captain Scarlet


Re: partial kit list

swhite40 said:
Anderson general kit list

Hope this can be of use to all!
Please let me know of additions or bad listings.



ex..Railroad truss bridge-1999-UFO-St-TB-CS=
Railroad truss bridge used on Space 99,UFO,Stingray,Thunderbirds,Captain Scarlet

Many thanks :)

It is quite a list!

It looks like it would take forever to relate all the kit parts used to the studio model they were used on. Even if that information was easily available.

Perhaps it might be better to start small and try and tie down the parts used on one studio model, or even one section of it, at a time?

Does that sound like the way to go?

Thats an open question to everyone.


Any chance of getting this fired back up? Seems like a great resource.

I've got a Gemini kit, just missed out on a Saturn V (I'll get it next time)
I'd like to know which others I need for the 44" Eagle and this would be a big help. :thumbup:

Is the Crusader III the 1/32 scale one?


Maybe not relevant to the Eagle as such,but liberally plastered over the Swift,the 1/72 scale Leopold Rail gun by Italeri-stock detailing kit for vitually ever sci-fi series since 1976, along with the two versions of the "Karl" morser.


44" Eagle 1 Season 2 Kit List

Here's a list of model kits that are used on Eagle 1 Season 2 as it is today. I'm trying to research this, so I'd like to share this info if it helps anybody out there who wants to attempt to replicate the actual kit bash that currently exists on Eagle 1.

3 x Airfix Bismarck 1/600 #a04204 (or the Turpitz can be used)
1 x Airfix Scharnhorst 1/600 #F406S
1 x Airfix Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat 1/72 #05280
2 x Airfix Boenig B-29 Superfortress 1/72 #07001
1 x Airfix German E-Boat 1/72 #10280
4 x Airfix Apollo Saturn V Rocket 1/144 #09170
2 x Airfix Mustang North American P-51D 1/24 #a14001
1 x Airfix Prinz Eugen 1/600 #05203-2 Thanks Eagle-1
1 x Airfix Apollo Lunar Module 1/72 #03013-5
2 x Revell Gemini Capsule 1/24 #85-1835
2 x Revell A4 (V2) German Missile 1/69 #00010
1 x Revell R.A.F Mustang III with Malcolm Hood 1/32 #H-152 (This release only)
1 x Revell Polaris Nuclear Submarine Show off-Model 1/260 #H-437
1 x Revell Dassault Mirage III 1/32 #H-185
1 x Revell Phantom 1/32 (Early releases only) #H-188 H-198 H-182 H-187 Thanks DX.
1 x Tamiya British Special Air Services Jeep 1/35 #35033 Thanks Eagle-1
1 x Tamiya Schwerer Panzerspahwagen sdkfz 232 8RAD 1/35 #35036
1 x Tamiya British Army Centurion Mk.III 1/25 #30614
1 x Italeri Semoventi Da 75/18 M40 #6214 Thanks DX.

This is not a complete list. The kit numbers are examples and can be different depending on the release of that particular kit, unless otherwise stated.

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Lee S

Can someone confirm that it's just those 2 large pieces that come from the Airfix Vosper. I'm assembling my parts and want to make sure I have everything.

I'll be posting a parts map for all the boxes, just like I do for the star wars craft I've made. Reference is always the key to making accurate items. Ive seen several photos but nothing absolute ont he detail of the eagle 1. Lets start posting pictures of the parts on the studio modle and then i will photoshop its corresponding kit part.

Whose got reference they would like to share?



How is Bernie coming along with getting the bandwidth to host pics "on site"?
This post maybe 5 years old, but it's still a current topic in many threads.
I'm happy to photograph my unbuilt models, but photobucket annoys the crap outta me.

Lee S

I use Flickr and had just about no issues with it. I also have the 'pro' account so I have unlimited bandwidth if anyone wants me to post pics of the original eagles/kit parts/etc... just ask and I'll setup a separate folder just for them.

Guys, ok now were jamming... if anything I strive for part for part accuracy. Check out my star wars stuff over at the RPF... studo scale is our game! Do we have any photos showing all the parts that need to be found? I'll get my kitbash hounds on them.. have access to one of the largest vintage kit collections in the world.. we just got to see what needs to be found....



Hi Steve,

Can you help me nail these suckers?

Parts 9,4 and 3 are off Tanks I think. Part 1 is off a ship. (On Number 4 the part inside is a Plastruct relief Valve ) Part 5 is a Bridge pier part, possibly Faller, but I've never been able to find it. Any Help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Nigel.
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Can someone confirm that it's just those 2 large pieces that come from the Airfix Vosper. I'm assembling my parts and want to make sure I have everything.


Yes Lee, It is just those 2 pieces as far as I can see.


It took me a considerable time to work out and find one of the kits you need because I was thrown a superb curve ball by it NOT being Tamiya. I was actually looking to find a part from the same kit used on another subject. 7 & 9 are from the Italerei 1/35th M40-75/18. Tamiya do make one but the parts don't match. You'll see bits from the Italerei kit crop up on various models built or redressed at the studio. Revell reboxed it for a short while but included the Italerei name on the box lid so easy to identify. 5 is a bridge support pier but I forget the manufacturer. If I don't think about it, it'll come to me. It's a model railway item I think but don't hold me to it. I should've written more of this down at the time.
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As ever, Thankyou DX. :) Another piece of the puzzle solved. I wouldn't of thought to check Italerei. Interesting though, I didn't realize they used kits from that particular manufacturer.

Dirk Bongo

I've just got hold of a Revell 1/24th Gemini, aside from the side passenger/pod parts what else was used on the first eagle?
There's an assortment of domes but which ones were used?