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Database of Eagle Transporter Kitbashing Parts


They're either on top of the corridors or on the shelving inside the cages. Look closely at pics of the big Moonbase Alpha model and you'll see bits of the Gemini kit peppered all over it. It's probably the most used kit.


it, it'll come to me. It's a model railway item I think but don't hold me to it. I should've written more of this down at the time.

As a former Railway modeller, the main names that came to mind are Faller, Kibri, and Heljan
I'm fairly certain it's the base to a Faller Girder Bridge - all the photo's I've found show them as 'concrete' blocks whereas the Eagle part has 'brick' detailing.I should think that the 'brick' supports were re-tooled as 'concrete' sometime during the past 30 years
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Well, that's what I thought. It's something from the industrial era. Also size wise, HO is too large N gauge looks too small!

Captain Sci-Fi

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Some say he was made to search the galaxy....

Hi Guys,

Chris and I have developed a new member of the team to search out model kits, toys and other items from the online auction sites used in the building of the original studio models. :sweat:

To send him on his mission and return successfully, I will need to programme his search parameters carefully. For this to work in the very best way please can you help by emailing any box illustrations of any of the kits mentioned in this thread, I will need the correct scale and year issue please plus advice on what substitution kits are acceptable.

Over time this will form the basis of an illustrated database to aid every scratch builder to produce the best replica possible. :thumbup:

The Thread will be in two parts, the upper part will be a list of the box illustrations so you can visually check against any auction on eBay. The lower will be the comprehensive eBay search list of every kit currently for sale matching these descriptions. Lastly there will be reference to whatever Studio Scale model uses these kits, toys or parts in their construction. :builder:

This will be an invaluable resource for every scratch builder and we will credit all contributions in illustrations and knowledge given.

I hope you can help.

For me, the most interesting part was post-production, as ILM moves into ..... deemed too much like an Eagle Transporter

karenmcdermott, are you trolling? I'm pretty sure the title is about kit bashing and it also has been dormant since 2010.

If you're a legit member and not a troll or the same person trolling Space 1999 on Facebook, maybe you want to introduce yourself in the Commander's Office, Member Introduction thread. It's also nice to post some pic of models you have worked on or are currently working on.:thumbup: