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Davros back in Doctor Who?

Just found this on the Eye of Horus website. It looks like Character Options may have let the cat out of the bag about Davros;

Toy maker, CHARACTER OPTIONS confirms a 5" and 12" remote controlled Dalek creator, DAVROS for 2008 release.

The company states "SERIES 4 Davros".

and also some other figure news;

Items include:

THE VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED (March 2008) contains a 5" Kylie Astrid Peth figure, two Host figures and two new accessories
THE VALIANT GIFT SET (March 2008) featuring the Doctor, the Master, Martha Jones and Lucy Saxon figure
Captain Jack SERIES 3 figure (July 2008)
A new version of the Dalek Battle Pack (July 2008)
Delayed: The CLASSIC SERIES figures first wave (May 2008)
CLASSIC SERIES Special Weapons Dalek, Tenth Planet Cyberman
EVOLUTION OF THE DALEKS Collection (new version)
Season 12 Gift set (1974-75)
SERIES 4 Sontaran Gift Set
SERIES 4 Sontaran 12"
SERIES 4 "Murder Mystery Set"
RE-ISSUE due to faulty plastic: The Doctor in Pentallian Spacesuit, the Master, the Professor Yana
DELETED ACTION FIGURE: The Master (post-regeneration from UTOPIA)
However, the company may have revealed too much.

A new radio controlled 12" from SERIES 4 is planned for an Autumn release.

A Dalek returns..? Or a Dalek-origin creature..?

The bad news: the RRP will increase from £6.99 to £7.99 for single pack action figures.


Yeah, already seen that on some forum somewhere.
Speculations started on who'll play him.
Judging by the standard of guest stars since the revamp, its gonna be Dale Wilton or somesuch

Dr Kane

There was a (tongue in cheek?) rumour a few years ago that Davros would be played by Norman Lovett - best known as Holly in 'Red Dwarf'.


If they want someone to scuttle around in a wheelchair being a complete psycho bastard, they need look no further than me.