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decals for the 12" eagle

Finally got a primer coat and a white coat on the command module
it is still on the tree and in the paint jig ( pics as soon as i get batt.)
gray primer, gloss white, alum. for the "two" sensors and flat back on the "windows" and went to check the decals eh gads they have passed to the other side of the river!! ( in other words there gone, wasted)
if any know of a good set for the 12" yell

well i was looking for someone who makes them ( the whole e-bay thing is a bit too much right now) Thanks just the same
on the other hand i have a cardboard mock of a launch pad (the round part) and part of the boarding tube and building (scaled for the 12" eagle)
been look all over the web and have not found a single fan based film project oh well such is life

thanks once again (e-bay is ok but i'm not getting into a bidding war over stickers) :D


JBot makes a good set of waterslide decals for all the markings, and for the Alpha crests our own DX-SFX is the man to talk to...100% accurate.


rabbidsquirrel said:
thanks once again (e-bay is ok but i'm not getting into a bidding war over stickers) :D

No bidding war. They're 'Buy it Now' and the seller has multiple sets for sale. :)
there scaled for the 9" mines is a Fundemtions 12" ( the e-bay stickers)
jbot thank you W8CMP and DX-SFX cool i will get a hold of them see how much it will run still undecided what i'm going to do ( if any thing) to the shoulder pods- landing gear mod and the cages( paint or dremell)
what would you like to see paint or an after market kit?