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Destination Moonbase Alpha delayed?


:cry: I've recently read that Destination Moonbase Alpha has been delayed. Has anyone heard about this at all? Apparently it's listed for 1st April next year now. oh well,that's another Christmas present up the spout....


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I was told last Saturday at the Memorabilia show by Prentis Hancock no less that the book has been delayed because there is new material and additional pictures being included.

It might be later than expected but its going to be a better book for it. :yes:
Yes, Johnnybear, my book has been delayed slightly. It is listed for April 2010, as you say, but it may be released earlier than that, if possible.

You can visit my website for the book at

The delay is partly due to the inclusion of a photo section, and a comprehensive Index - both of which I think will be wonderful additions to the book.

Thanks for your interest!


I don't know how anyone else feels, but I'm willing to wait a bit for more information and pictures.