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Different Pursuit Ships?

Just looking in the BBC VFX book and there's a photo of 3 PS but they don't have the radar dishes. Plus in SCI FI & FANTASY MODELS the finished model only partially resembles the photo's of the PS I've seen. The builder says he forgot to put the Plastruct ring in the nose so it'll have to be a second season version. Also the nose doesn't have the many styrene strips attached.

I can't find photo's of any other PS other than the usual ones. Anyone know if they changed throughout the series [ bearing in mind I've only got an old VHS which I can't watch anymore because it's mouldy and haven't watched the series for years ].

Slate Mcleod

Four were built, 3 by Martin Bower, but the Command version was put together by the BBC Effects guys so is slightly different. In fact out all four - I believe none were actually identical.