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Dinky Mobile Editions


Hi guys, been collecting up a few mobiles and clearly there were some differences during production.

One arrived today with missing tracks. It's all green, chassis and body. The inside of the 'roof' that flips is also green. The interior seat is white and the wheels green.

This is how I remember the one I had in childhood.

There are some variations though. Black tracks, grey/silvery tracks, red interiors, red/brown wheels, white missiles, yellow missiles, red roof inside, light creamy green chassis and probably more!

Has anybody pieced together if they followed a pattern of issue, which are more scarce, what the 'correct' colour combinations were etc?


hmmm and the yellow interior too!

Think I might start digging through a lot of the old Dinky catalogues if I can find them online.


That's a new variation to me, seems the lighter green wheels might go with the yellow interior. I've got one to match the one on the left, never seen a yellow interior for real though. I'll have to see if I can pick one up.

Have not had much luck looking for Dinky catalogues online, there are a few pictures but mostly from 1974.

I've got the production run was from 1971 to 1979 which wasn't a bad run and plenty of time for things to change.

Came across this:

mentions larger wheels on the front and back of the last version, which seemed like an odd update.


I've now got established the First or early editions were:

Smooth Roof

Dark Green Body

Light Green Chassis

Red interior

Brick Red Wheels

Silver Tracks

*additional detail at rear of chassis

I think the roof had a red interior, some had an external black smooth roof?

If anyone can add information, or correct the above, please feel free to do so.
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Yep, seems the early ones had additional or different chassis detail at the rear. If anyone has pictures to post of different editions they would be very welcome.

Sea Devil

I have both the Green and metallic Blue version. I believe the Blue model was one of the last production runs around 1979/80.


I think so Sea Devil, it seems some of the blue ones had wheels all the same size, some had larger wheels at the front and back.

Doing more digging around with this, there is another way to look at the editions, this by considering the packaging:

First Issue - Card Box
Second Issue - Bubble Box
Third Issue - Window Box

Though some of the variations we've discussed must have happened within these 'Issues', it's a start!
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