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Dirk Benedict and my Viper MK1


My girlfriend and I went to Emerald City ComicCon last Sunday and I was able to get my Starbuck Viper signed by Dirk Benedict. I'd made it specifically for him to sign and even pointed out to him that I'd put"Starbuck" on the sides.

He was like a kid as well. He saw the Viper and said, cool, a Viper and kept playing with it after her signed the plate while we chatted. I don't think he'd signed a Viper for awhile by his reaction.

After the pic was taken, I was walking away. He already had the next person up and he leaned around them and said to me, Hey, thanks for the memories.

I'll never forget that.

The 1st pic is with Dirk and my Viper. The 2nd pic is a closeup of his autograph when we got home.

I don't see me going but I'd love to go to GalacticonIII in Houston and get more Vipers signed. Though Starbuck is my fave.


  • viper signedbydirkbenedict 3-3-2013.jpg
    viper signedbydirkbenedict 3-3-2013.jpg
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  • mystarbuckviper3-3-2013.jpg
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That is very cool! 8) And what fun had by the both of you! Thanks for sharing this with us.