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Discussing the Stingray Puppet Sets

Mike Delamar

definatley the same toggle switch from Stingray, although not sure that it is from the toy dashboard

I always wondered what the chrome door handles in a row where from?


Mike Delamar

I love the sets from Stingrays and Thunderbirds

I love the hundreds of flashing bulb holders with the chrome bezels everywhere :)

would never be able to afford a puppet but would love to do a set or some set item replicas one day



The Stingray steering wheel is just the toy dashboard steerng wheel upside down.
The red part of it anyway...

Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member
Replica set from Thunderbirds....

Hi Guys,

Following on from Mike's comment about sets here is a few images from Fanderson's TV21 event last year. This is the replica set built for one of the insurance ad's and is owned by Glo Thorogood. It is made from all kinds of materials including plastics and MDF.

One thing I didn't notice until pointed out by Chris Potter is the angle of the cockpit windows, they are too vertical to match the models exterior but it does match the original puppet set. That aside it's a nice bit of construction with working levers and other controls as well as flashing lights. :D