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Dismantling the PE23 Studio Scale Eagle Transporter


Commander Ret.
w8cmp said:
Fantastic mate...I'll give it a try now I know it can be done...
Great place this! ;)

Do you suppose the CM connection became fractured on your previous attempt to remove the CM ?
Possibly but doubtful. That would have been one LOUD crack!

The 'bow' has been evident since I got the thing. Not blaming the engineer (DOC) at all - just sloppy workmanship at the factory.


Suffering from the same problem as above, only just the front end. I have done the same and it is relatively easy. Even for a novice like me. The base of the passenge pod came off real easy (i used a flat thin, kitchen knife). The epoxy stuff was a real bitch to get thru. I ended up chipping away at it with an electric drill. Then, when I realigned everything, I re-drilled new fixing holes for the screws and that was it.

While I was at it, I took the opportunity to replace some of the bells with Jim Small's. The original pod bells came off very easy. Just a pair of pliers and a twist to remove them. The ones under the cage were more difficult. The seem to be attached to a small block which is recessed into the frame. Levering out with a screwdriver was the best way I found to remove them.

That just leaves the big engine bells at the back. They are just screwed on but when I removed one i found it isn't circular at the base. Theres a portion been cut off (presumably the bells were assembled with baffles in place and then attached to the frame. This cut off piece making sure that all the baffles are the same way round).

Dunno what I'm going to do at the moment. Obviously its a case of either making the holes round or filing part of the base of the bells away. Need a bit of thinking time I think.

Still, even with just the underside bells replaced u can see how much better its going to look.


Just in case anyone is still reading this, I did replace the rear engine bells with Jim Smalls and it was well worth it. The originals are screwed in place so easy to remove. The new ones required me to file a notch in the base prior to fitting (so watch u dont over-file coz theres no turning back once its done). The new bells have a larger hole on the base so u will have to drill a larger hole in the eagle to fit the larger screws, It's no biggy tho. Finally i removed the baffels from the original bells to use again (as they're much better quality that the ones that came with the aluminium bells). They require a small (very) amount of filing to get rid of four ridges on the outside (u will know what i mean when u see them) but, once thats done, they fit perfectly. And that just leaves the command module sensor dishes. Gonna have to wait till i get myself a Dremell so roll on June (my birthday).
Finally I will get one too. After a long "shall I or shall I not" I ordered one. I have a strange idea: Is someone thinking of making the passenger pod removable and to add the front and rear part with the doors? I know what that would mean, cut the thing in pieces and probably make a spine in brass! It's crazy. You could then use the labpod of the RU23 f.e. or build a cargo pod and so on. PE 23" pod contest?
the DOCTOR said:
Now, don't say I never do anything for you!

If you can lever off the bottoms of the companionways and pod, it'll come apart easy.

Good Luck!

Is that a PE Eagle You did take apart or is it a prototype body? I can't see any traces of epoxy inside. See my comment about the modification I made up to now. On mine "tons" of glue and epoxy was used to hold together the parts and I had f.e. no chance to take off the bottom plate of the passenger pod. How did You take of the landing gear?
I am going to disassemble my PE 23 ", I want to perfect the windows of Passenger Module … have seen your photos and I am animated to disassemble my EAGLE 23" ;)


OK - what's Carter done to my Lab eagle?

I bought one of those twisted Lab pod Eagles from Comet and set about it with a hammer, chisel and screwdriver yesterday after mentally preparing myself, having read through this thread.

Below I show the photos of what I found and the damage inflicted.

Nothing is too far gone, so I'm hopeful I can resurrect a splendid Lab Eagle within a month or so.

It was quite twisted with the front of the spine about a tenth of an inch out and heavily glued/painted to try to cover it up.

First I started by prising off the base of the Lab Pod...

Notice that I damaged the edge of the pod, but as you'll see later this is no great loss.

Then I exposed the screws and undid them.
Of course the spine was holding everything together, so I dispensed with the 16 spine clamps - they're just glued on, no pins or screws.

With a little persuasion (hammer & screwdriver) the spine came off easily...

However I did damage one of the front cage spars...

...should be easy to fix. The glue and paint seems very thick to me. There seem to be four resin positioning pins to align the spine to the cages and another four aligning the spine to the pod. Breaking these off doesn't seem to be fatal.

I noticed a small sliver of metal on my table at this point and couldn't work out where it had come from until I spotted a limp leg...

... so watch out, they seem very loose.

Now I could pull the front and rear sections away from the pod...

The awful pod legs seem just to be glued in place...

I unscrewed the Xmas tree novelty engine bells...

...and knocked off the VTOLs using the patented hammer and screwdriver technique developed earlier...

...they come off quite easily. A little resin damage, but with no screws or pins, this was minimal and should be easily repaired.

I plan to replace the engine parts with Small Art Works pieces I've accumulated over the years. I'll patch up the Lab pod, making two new ends and filling the holes in the roof.

Next I plan to clean up the ends of the passenger walkways, clean up any damage to the spine/cages and reattach with scratchbuilt clamps.

Some touch-up paintwork, refit the leg pin, stand back and admire.

Photos to follow when I can.



Removable pod

Yes - I'd like to be able to make pods for this one: freighter, standard, VIP, rescue, winch, etc.

Of course to do that, I'll need to fabricate some doors for the ends of the walkways, but I feel it will be worth it.

Now...where's that 18" Dalek? I feel more disassembling coming on!:twisted:



It's really is a complete mystery as to why on earth they put those ridges on the Lab pod ends which shouldn't be there anyway, and caused all the problems in the first place. It surely wasn't due to lack of reference material?
Actually, looking at the pod end more closely, it looks like maybe the cages were designed to fit in-between the ridges to facilitate correct horizontal alignment between the pod and the cage end, but somebody obviously got their sums wrong. The Ridges look too long. How was that missed in the prototype?
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How is has it been for those who've removed them to get the landing gear out of the shoulder pods? And once out, how easy has it been to shorten the springs so the thing sits lower?


In my opinion it's impossible :thumbdown:

Believe me I have tried many ways of doing it on two different models, and short of causing serious damage to the leg pod, I don't think it can be done.

Of all the glue joints on the model these have got to be the strongest.

Of course if anyone else has found away please tell :yes:
Dismantling the PE/IR 23'' landing pod

Now, don't say I never do anything for you!

And that's how it goes together, with little screws in the appropriate holes.

If you can lever off the bottoms of the companionways and pod, it'll come apart easy.

Good Luck!

I've seen a couple of comments regarding the impossibility of taking apart the landing pod (this would allow one to change/adjust the springs and correct for the default stiffness and exaggerated height). However, you seem to have done it quite well. What method did you use to remove the bottom plate in the landing pods? Thanks.


Sadly yes. No one has managed to do it without destroying the whole shoulder pod assembly. I'd love to be able to get in and shorten the legs it would make such a difference.