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District 9


I've not heard of this one up until last night on our local movie review show. They loved it and gave it a huge glowing review. Wondering why I had never even heard of it until last night. Usually there is some hype or somehting out out about a movie welll b4 its released. Has anyone heard anything about it.

Looks like we've been spoilt this year with Moon and now this - at least District 9 looks like it will have a wider cinema release than Moon - think that will be unfortunatly for me a DVD - but least Ive got a decent TV to watch it on


the internet backdrop has been set quite a while now
(select a species)

its funny there a bunch of ppl in whats calles the "disclosure" movement, wanting the govts of the world to tell what they know about aliens. most are reconciled with the idea of shacking hands with the greys from zeta reticuli, but i wonder how many of them would handle the idea of contact with an insectoid race, let them set up a colony here, start laying eggs.....................
This is a low budget film at around $30 million and really was a gamble by Peter Jackson to get a new director well noticed after the HALO film deal collapsed. Apparently the major studios were not willing to cough up $100 miilion plus on an untried director, which is kind of understandable, with a script that was not a standard shoot them up adaption of the game.
However, the film that they ended up making ,which is now out in the States and at the end of August in the UK (BHoliday I think) is getting very,very strong reviews. I haven't read them because I don't want the spoilers but the general feedback is that it is hitting every button with critics and cinema customers alike.
Personally I've watched the guy closely since seeing his short films and was gutted when I heard the HALO deal collapsed. This should go some way to make up for it.


Thanks shado, sorry seems I'd missed your initial post, (should have searched b4 posting)but too me definitly under the radar. Looking fowward to seeing it thats for sure


Saw it today. Highly recommended. Unique in both story and execution--rare in Hollywood.

That's it. Don't want to spoil it! :thumbup:


Just saw it today. Very disappointing. Very cliched and boring. Way too much gore and violence. Way too many holes in the script. Bereft of any true sci-fi "wonder". I've seen this on episodes of Star Trek and even S1999, 20-30 years ago!! Nothing new or even remotely interesting here. :thumbdown:

Also, why is directing "talent" now associated with how much one can shake a camera???

My advice, skip it!


I really enjoyed this, didn't know what to expect. At the start, I thought what is this all about, but I thought it was very well done. The only thing that bothered me was the camera work at one stage made me a bit ill!

Good to see some thing original.

Cheers, Chris


This movie sucks big time!! What a waste of my life and my time. Let's start off with the fact that they call this sci-fi. What a joke. Just because there are "aliens" and a "spaceship" doesn't qualify a movie to be sci-fi in my book.

Why? First the "aliens" are pathetic. The rubber suits mixed with the CGI is terrible. Totally unbelieveable. This ruins the movie from the beginning. I neither care about the aliens, fear them or anything in between.

Let's move on to the spaceship. That's right, a big, menacing, gigantic alien ship is once again seen parked, in mid-air mind you, over a helpless city of Earth. Ever seen this before? This is at the beginning of the movie. The ship does nothing. Apparently, there isn't any fuel for the ship to leave Earth, but somehow enough fuel for it to remain floating! 1/3 of the way through the movie, the ship is over the city, still doing nothing. 1/2 way through the film, ship over city: nothing. 2/3 of the way.....well you get the picture! Have the makers of this film ever seen any other sci-fi films????? Sci-fi 101: Big alien ship = something cool happening!!

Wait, forgot to mention, at the very end of the movie, the ship moves about 5 feet, thanks guys!!

On to the Cliches!! For the love of god, can I ever get something new in a sci-fi movie!! Let's see, do we have the greedy, evil corporation that wants to exploit the aliens: check! How about the greedier, more evil CEO of the greedy, evil corporation: check! Do we have the insulting sterotype that the greedy, evil CEO HAS to be portrayed by a white male: check. How about a human who gets infected with alien DNA, and slowly transforms into an alien: check! Haven't we seen this in Alien the movie? In The Fly? I think Star Trek has an episode like this in virtually every season!! Memo to movie makers: WE'VE SEEN THIS ALREADY!!!!!

Other flaws in the movie:

Over a million aliens living in a little district. Really? Wheres the food, water, sewage, etc...and they plan to move them all with about 20 trucks, that from later in the movie, appear to hold about 6 people. Really?

How did the aliens get from the ship to the ground? Helicopters? This is never mentioned.

If it was by helicopter, why does the main alien need alien fuel for his shuttle to get back to the ship? Ask for a ride!

If the big alien ship stopped on earth because it was damaged, why is it fine at the end? Was someone fixing it? Obviously classified info!

Why does the alien fuel, turn a human slowly into an alien? Hmmmm, wonder if I accidently spilled gasoline on ET, he's start turning into a human?!!

Anyway, rant over, VTracy says: SKIP, "District 9"

oh, wait, if they think they can use the end of the movie to try and set up a sequel: NOT SEEING IT!
Wow, VTracy really didn't like this movie!

Well, I have to say that I did enjoy it. I thought the aliens were amazingly well depicted and highly convincing. It did take me a little while to get into the plot, but once I did it held onto me for the rest of the picture.

And I was impressed by the film's harsh depiction of man as being a frequently disgusting species -- often, too true. I was rooting for the aliens!

I don't want to give away too many spoilers, for those who are still thinking of seeing it. Suffice to say, I and the three others I went with, all enjoyed District 9.

Go, and make your own judgement.


I saw it twice. I first saw the movie on Friday and then I took my new 55 year old hottie music teacher to see it tonight. It was awesome.She liked it too and she is not into science fiction. Afterwards.......straightened out my bow. She is so into Space:1999.
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One of the best sci-fi movies I’ve seen in a while…loved it and I’m looking forward for the alien’s comeback in three years… ;)

Cameron’s “Avatar” looks very promising as well! (IMAX!)

IMHO 2009 has been a great year for the sci-fi aficionado…BSG’s spectacular ending, Moon, Distric 9 and Avatar (Dec. 18 )…not bad...not bad at all! :thumbup:

Jorge 8)