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'Doctor Who' jokes

Dr Kane

I saw these on a forum called 'Digital Spy' recently. Well, they made me laugh.

Q. How many 'Doctor Who' fans does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. None - they just sit around waiting for 16 years until it comes on again.

Q. How can Daleks tell each other apart?
A. Thay. Jast. Caan.
Sorry, nothing from "Viz" ever made me properly laugh:-/, even the names sound puerile and that is probably why I never read any of them. I prefer my humour, like my Doctor Who, to have a somewhat deeper meaning and to certainly be cleverer than that. As I said on the Easter special thread, for Dr. Who comedy, look at this.

[ame=""]Dr Who - Lenny Henry 1985[/ame]


"Sorry, nothing from "Viz" ever made me properly laugh, even the names sound puerile and that is probably why I never read any of them."

Yes, I suppose your right. I never read something once and thought it was terrible.:twisted:
I remember reading an article on Mary Shelley's "Frankenstien" once where that is also described as "puerile". Not that I'm comparing "Frankenstien" to "Doctor Poo" of course. In the same way that I would never compare Lenny Henry to a comedian, but you are right and I will never watch any "puerile" comedy again. :brows:


Oh, dear. :lol: Now that is on the level of your average 10 year old male Dr. Who fan. I know, my son is in stitches as I type this.
Sorry...........can't resist further postings on this subject, so here we go:

Why did Doctor Who surf the net?
He was looking for the Cyberman.

Why did the Dalek apply for a job in pest control?
He liked the job description - "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

Why is Doctor Who a regular at the dentist?
He doesn't want to lose his K9.

What does Doctor Who have with his pizza?
Dalek bread

I know! Groan!!!!!!!!! :think:
Biggest Dr Who Joke I have heard recently is the new logo!

What a load of $h!t.

I thought the orange 'eye' was a good attempt to update the logo and make it something more than just the words "Doctor Who".

However, the new logo announced for the 2010 season with this new trainee geography teacher is as limp and washed out as he is! Just look at this!


Bet they spent a fortune on that! Oh, and sorry for wasting your time, but really!


personally I thought the whole 'new' Docotor who logo (and titles) were $hit to start with...