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Doctor Who Voyage Of The Damned


Well what did you think of it?
Thought it was an ok episode, not the best, personally thought it was rather over hyped and felt a little let down, but hey thats me :lol:


Doctor Who does The Poseidon Adventure.
I quite enjoyed it really. Nice touch with the Queen in her dressing gown and curlers at the end.
At least Kylie now qualifies for the Sci-Fi Babe Thread. :wub:
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My wife keeps trying to download it, but has so far failed. We won't see the Christmass special in AU till probably Easter, or next Christmass knowing our free to air people.


Entertaining, but the villains were not 'villainous' enough...

We really need Davros back to shake things up with his companions :yes:


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I’ve had enough of robots as adversaries. No more, please. The Angels looked like re-worked Autons from the very ‘first’ episode. I didn’t like the ‘Tron’ Frisbee skit either, the timing seemed out in few deflections.

The whole production design left me wondering what the hell was this ship supposed to be and why would someone bother with such a design, as the mixture of futuristic and early 20th century design elements simply didn’t work. They could have gone for a real steampunk look, but the art department dropped the ball IMHO. It was all far too clumsily put together, uncertain of its identity.
Then we had the usual mass of conduits and cables to come falling down like buckets of spaghetti, amid that steel girder support which actually never manages to support anything.
You know, I recon there’s a cowboy firm out there somewhere, manufacturing these shoddy girders and selling them to space shipyards on the cheap.
The Doc's 'I'm the Doctor'...blah blah blah line really made me laugh, but I wasn't sure if I should punch the air or curl up into a ball and cringe. I decided restraint was the best option, despite the whiskey and wine.

The trailer at the end of the last season had me thinking they could (Nah, should!) have produced a real costumed hit of a show. You know, a dark and mysterious show, harking back to the Pertwee years. I can hear RTD saying 'Oh no, no, no. Let’s stick with the chasing and running and music thumping while the countdown ticks away in the background. It’s Christmas after all.'
What's the point of a lifebelt on a starship?

Then again, the Poseidon Adventure plot allowed me to sit back waiting for the accidental/tragic/sacrifice deaths to show their faces, as none of the characters really mattered to me. My wife looked over and said, ‘So, which one’s going to die next, and how?’
So all London residents decide to leave, apart from poor old Bernard Cribbins, who thinks it’s a good idea to stand out in the cold to sell newspapers. Err, nobody’s here you prat. Expositional sore thumb #1.
Nice teleport bracelets – Avon would have been jealous, but again when the doc tried to save Astrid with that trekesque ‘molecules still in the pattern buffer’ skit, the tell-tale sparks and brief mushroom of grey smoke (Irwin Allen’s ‘That’s not working now and needs repair badly!’ visual) betrayed RTDs inability to avoid derivative plot devices, or borrow from others.
The villian was instantly forgettable, but I'm sure we'll be reminded in a couple of months with an 'Astrid and forklift + Max Capricorn double pack collector's gift set,' or even a Dr Who Hot Wheels featuring them both.
How did she manage to get out of the cab as it was falling?

The whole ‘Astrid has her wish as she’s now among the stars’ resolution almost forced my Christmas dinner back up. Urgh, oh please, come on!
Oh, and a few seconds later the teleport machine’s managed to repair itself allowing the doc and token expositional sore thumb #2 to leave just in the nick of time – or before we reach for the remote.
Voyage of the Damned indeed.


I think the whole thing seemed 'stolen'

You had a ship that was a cross between Futurama's Titanic and Douglas Adam's Starship Titanic computer game.

The bracelets from Blake's 7 for the transporter.

Star Trek transporter principles.

Max was obviously Davros but made less scary for the kiddy winkles.

And the queen in her rollers, where have we seen that before...??? Spitting Image perhaps.

Time to put Dr Who on hiatus until the script writers can develop proper ideas and get rid of Catherine Tate (who will probably fill the show with her awful lines of "Do I look...."!)


Dilbert welcome to the forum BTW :W: Great to have you with us.

My wife says the critics liked it... she still hasn't seen it so I can't comment. It does sound a little rehashed from the comments people are making


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In short: toss. The xmas specials never carry the weight or writing oomph of the full season episodes.

IMHO, they are more just xmas cracker novelty pap (see AA Gills review in today's Sunday Times re the number of celebs trying to get a look in despite basic bit-parts) than decent episodes.

Oh and Kylie? What the hell is it with the OBE thing? Show some arse, make some dross pop and recover from cancer = OBE?

Bring on the Sontarans I say.

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:O I did hear about that. Has Kylie ceased to be an Australian citizen. If she hasn't then she isn't eligible for an OBE. Australia has its own honours, and knighthoods and so forth from the UK are out.... or perhaps I'm missing something. Gracious what nonsense. That's the sort of thing that brings such high honours into question.


off topic rant - I've always questioned the Knights and Dames and having to call people Sir or madam or whatever you have to all a women who has been bestowed a royal honour. Just because a Queen from a far off land has decreed that Michael Parkinson is to be Knighted he now has to be adressed as Sir? Says who? If I were to meet him it would be Gidday Michael - not Hello Sir Michael.

I certainly beleive people who have made a genuine contribution to society - (Kylie, Singing Budgie says it all, lover her or hate her, what contribution has she made that has been a benfifit to society?) - are very worthy of recognition but placing a Sir in front of a name? Surely there has to be a better way?

I detest people who "win" these awards because they can sing. play sport really well dance, act or whatever, yet people out there who aid the sick, the homeless, the handicapped, develop a cure for cervical cancer get nothing! At least since has the Nobels but that goes over the head for most. Time we started recognising those who truely deserve it.

I think GA does deserve recognition as he has made a significant contribution to the medium of television - he's shows were visionary but a Knighthood - well what else can we bestow on this fine man?

end rant, end hijack!


I can't but agree, but GA and SA too should get something... they sure didn't make any money out of it... not like some singing little birds....


I did hear about that. Has Kylie ceased to be an Australian citizen. If she hasn't then she isn't eligible for an OBE. Australia has its own honours, and knighthoods and so forth from the UK are out....

I believe that Kylie still is an Australian citizen, just that she has "adopted" the UK as her home (and she basically lives/bases herself there). However, it is possible for the Queen (or whoever) to bestow English honors to non-English citizens (although there are restrictions - KBE can't use the title "Sir" for instance). So, although not an English citizen, Kylie can receive an honourary English honor. Have a look at Honorary British Knights for non-English "Knights". Even Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg has one...

Mark P.


Ah... thanks for the info. I must be nice to be an honorary knight, you don't have to go out jousting or killing dragons or anything ;) Its sort of lost its meaning really hasn't it.


It struck me as a mashup of the classic Who "Robots of Death" and Poseidon Adventure. Some of the scenes from "Robots" were remade almost verbatim. I guess you could call it an homage, heh. But then again the original Dr Who series routinely stole the plots of old horror and SF movies, so this is nothing new!

Entertaining light Christmas viewing, but for gosh sakes if you are going to bring back someone, make it Sally Sparrow not Catherine Tate...


I caught the repeat earlier this week. I thought it was dreadful. It was presumably aimed at five year olds with cringeworthy over the the top melodrama almost to the point of self parody. It was like an "Airplane" movie from the Zucker brothers. There were so many plot holes you could drop a bus through them. It was like a pantomime version of Dr Who. Absolute drivel.


I caught one of the (many) repeats the other day too (even after being warned by some of the comments on this forum) - wish I hadn't bothered! Too often it is set in London/Cardiff (3 Christmas Specials) - are there not more interesting places in the Universe for the stories to be set?

And I won't be watching the new series with Catherine Tate!