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Doctor Who Voyage Of The Damned


To me, the difference in the music is just more loud explosions to make up for the lack of drama. Or, wait - is that what they are doing with the stories?


By the way, I didn't mean that I dislike TSO or think the idea of fusing rock & symphony is bad, by the way. It actually sounds pretty neat. I'm just tired of the mega-hype in these parts. Too much of a good thing... (And I don't listen to the radio much, either, but I do so more than I watch tv.)
Personally, I liked Voyage of the Damned, although it was not the best of the Christmas Specials. I just took it for what it was, entertaining and fun. It was way above the drivel offered by all of the mainstream channels over the Christmas period.

And yes Captainjamie, I got one of the voice controlled Daleks for Christmas, the assault Dalek version. It is awesome! I've also heard that they are going to release another version with a camera in the eyestalk that transmits to a screen in the remote control unit!!!