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Doctor Who's first producer dies


Commander Ret.
Doctor Who's first producer dies

Doctor Who's first producer, and the BBC's first female TV producer, Verity Lambert, has died aged 71.

She was also the youngest person to take charge of a BBC television show when the sci-fi drama started in 1963.

Lambert also produced dramas including Minder, Quatermass, Rumpole of the Bailey and Jonathan Creek, while her company made 1990s BBC soap Eldorado.

She was made an OBE in recognition of her services to film and television in January 2002.


Sad news indeed.
Without Verity there would have been no Doctor Who, No Daleks.
These were just two of her many contributions to TV entertainment.
Seventy one is such a young age.
The world is a poorer place without her.


I've just recently listened to her commentary on my dvd set of the first three Dr Who episodes. She shared many vivid memories and it was great fun to listen to.