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Does Anyone Read Fine Scale Modeler?


Hey Folks,Just wondering If Anyone Reads Fine Scale Modeler Magazine? Planning a Dio, and if i can Get it Done, I Plan to Submit it to Fine Scale Modeler to be in their Reader's Gallery. Any Question Please Respond. Thank You. Dan


I used to read it. but got bored with all the Panzers and US Special Forces stuff that filled the pages. There used to be some great articles but at the time I was only interested in British Cold War vehicles and dioramas (still my area of military interest), and they were hardly if ever covered.

I prefer the Japanese magazines as they have a wider variety of topics - although they also have their fair share of Panzers and US Special Forces.... At least they showcase Thunderbirds models every so often.


I'm planning to do a Gerry Anderson Inspired ASR Station Diorama! a Few Issues back,FSM had a Model Scratch Built that was a Fighter Jet featured in the Joe 90 Episode Talk down. if You want anymore Info,please say so. Dan


Yeah, I do. They do have a greater variety of builds/reader's pictures than most.

I still remember a reader's picture from about 10 years (maybe more) ago which was a conversion of a MaK fighting suit into a mechanized logging machine with a chainsaw as one arm and a grab as the other, posed holding a tree and cutting it.

There was another with an old derelict fighting suit (a VOTOM I think) in an excavated pyramid, with a mummified pilot.

Certainly a lot of imagination and work went into those.


I still read it. Subscribed to it, actually. And have every (regular) back issue, going all the way back to their initial test issues in 1982 or whatever it was. That said, mostly that's just a reflection on my desire to read a bunch of stuff, even if it's sometimes not really what I'm personally interested in, as far as subject matter goes. I like seeing the problem-solving work that goes on, even when I'm not super keen on the subject seen.

One thing that I've always heard about FSM is that it may take two years to see what you send to them, in print. They apparently have that much of a continuous backlog.

Just a thought, but didn't "Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller" have a reader's gallery, too? Seems I remember them having at least a web-based one. You may want to check.

Techno said: "a Few Issues back,FSM had a Model Scratch Built that was a Fighter Jet featured in the Joe 90 Episode Talk down. if You want anymore Info,please say so. Dan"

Which issue? Lately, I've just "stacked them up" without doing a careful read-through -- due to too many things on my plate, etc. -- but that one sounds worth reading about.