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Dollhouse Anderson


Forum Supporter
Here's a mad idea...Anderson sets at Dollhouse scale (1/12).
The early series had sets which were roughly 10 foot square (Black Rock Lab, Space City Control Room etc) and were approximately 1/3 scale. If these were reduced to 1/12 scale then they would be 2ft6ins square and not an unreasonable size for a display piece (perhaps embedded in a glass top coffee table). As part of learning CAD software I have created a number of items of 'furniture' from Black Rock Laboratory and printed them at 1/12 scale on my FDM printer. The small items (knobs, switches etc) are to small to print using FDM technology but I think that resin printers would be more than equal to the task. At this scale the puppet figures would be 5 - 6 inches tall, so the right height for action figures.
So the question is, is this bonkers or something worth pursuing? if so what items or sets would you like to see?




looks cool

Not sure where you are located, but im in Uk and can print some bits for you on one of my resin printers if you need anything