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[DP] Space 1999 - 2: War Zone

Episode 2 - War Zone

With casualties mounting... the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha are forced to desperate measures just to stay alive. But will their actions let them survive long enough to escape the Warzone?

Mark Bruzee as Commander John Koenig
Bruce Busby as Professor Victor Bergman
M Sieiro Garcia as Doctor Helena Russell
Seth Adam Sher as Paul Morrow
Jules Ismail as David Kano
Melissa D. Johnson as Sandra Benes
Elie Hirchman as Alan Carter
Lucien Dodge as Tony Verdeschi
Ben Harmer as Bill Fraser
Bill Hollweg as Lex Straker
Amanda Fitzwater as The Matriarch
Jon Specht as The First
Carl Gosline as The Second
And Eric Busby as The Third

Written and directed by Eric Busby

Post Production by Eric Busby



Hi There

New here, so still finding my feet so to speak.....

Could anyone tell me if anymore episodes of this audio drama were produced after episode 2?

I recently discovered 1 & 2....thought they were fantastic...

Can't see that any more were made.... which seems a shame (especially as ep 2 had an almighty cliffhanger)

Thought the performances & script were superb!!!
I noticed that awhile back. I did a search on their site and the Space: 1999 stuff is no longer on the DarkProject's website. I had to do an internet search and found the War Zone episodes on other sites.