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Dr No special effects?


A long shot, i know, but does anyone know who did the miniature work on "Doctor No"? My first thought was "oh, it was Derek Meddings" but, of course, he was still tied to Century 21 and the Anderson shows.
I'm guessing it was the Pinewood in-house shop that did it. Anyone know if i'm right? If so, any names?
Any help would be very much appreciated!


IMDB states
Visual Effects by
Cliff Culley ... matte artist (uncredited)
Roy Field ... visual effects (uncredited)

Special Effects by
Frank George ... special effects

Roy was another of Les Bowie's boys and I would imagine it was Roy and his team that did the miniatures work. Roy worked on the first seven Bond films and later worked with Derek Meddings on Superman and did the FX on TV series such as Hornblower - including the model ships work.
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