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Dr Who Event Essex December


Hi guys

I am running a small event in early December at a local special needs school in Essex to raise awareness of a rebuild requirement. The school was built for 68 children and now has 168! Teachers are resorting to teaching one to one sessions in their cars, if this was a mainstream school nothing like this would happen.

We have been campaigning for some time and have been in mainstream papers and recently to no 10 to see Mr Cameroun.

The event in December is a Dr who play, I have already got David Graham on board and we are looking for a Dalek. Several have been promised but nothing firm has been sorted. Anybody in the Essex area out there with a Dalek we could use for a day?

Best regards



Treated myself to a second hand This Planet Earth 1980's black and grey
Dalek which now adds to the security in my office!
Scared the s..t out of my secretary this morning, no I hadnt told her......

Now I want a seat, voice box, wheel chair and lights to glow, its great, a very early XMAS pressie which is available for charity use, birthdays bar mitzvahs etc etc.

I like the look of the black Dalek so thinks it might have a splendid new coat of paint next year.....or should it be red

We dont have room for a tree now in the office so guess where the decorations are going?

Need a name as well



It would be Clause but he has a plunger and it doesnt seem to work. Noel just makes me think of Edmonds and I cringe at that.