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'Dr Who: Invasion of Earth' - Dalek Saucer

Actually,Barry Gray was the one who produced the electronic
musical sound effects for the 2 Dalek movie features,it was
someone else who really composed the music soundtracks
for those films.:)

Did you also know that Barry Gray produced the electronic
sound effects for the Silicates from the little-seen monster
movie The Island of Terror.I've seen that movie myself.;)

I've never seen that movie. I'll keep my eyes open for that.
been buissy with online orders of eagle parts straker car intercepter so much going on right now also have orders to build a full size r2d2 i will get back to it eventualy


Thank goodness it's a good reason you've taken a break from it (by being so busy) rather than just getting bored and ditching it (which is what I tend to do)!

A full-size R2D2? Good luck, but I don't envy you...