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Dragon's Domain "Graveyard" ships model kit parts?


Hello. I am trying to identify the plastic model kits used by Martin Bower when creating the "graveyard spaceships" seen in Dragon's Domain.

Do you have any corrections to my list?

"Graveyard ship 1" is a green spaceship that incorporates major structural elements from 1/32 scale Apollo Command Module (the heat shield and aft bulkhead), 1/144 Saturn V second stage, 1/110 Mercury-Atlas and 1/24 Gemini descent capsule plastic model kits.

"Graveyard ship 2" is another realistic design incorporating parts from spacecraft plastic model kits. Like the Interplanetary Space Station, the main body comprises 1/144 scale Saturn V second and third stages.

"Graveyard ship 3" consists of a spherical front section (probably a 1/24 scale Revell "Vostok" space capsule, mated to a 1/32 Apollo Command Module bulkhead). The conical aft propulsion section was probably taken from the Monogram 1/32 scale Apollo Command Module. The four cylindrical "booster" propellant tanks visible in the foreground are 1/144 Saturn V third stages, covered by 1/144 Vostok rocket pods.

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