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Dragon's Domain...

This one never gets old.....

I've posted elsewhere on ETF and waxed lyrically about this televisual feast, so I won't bore you all with my comments. Suffice to say, it's unique. Many shows had their monsters, some with terrific stories and characters, but for sheer cinematic scale and "other-worldliness", this one beats them all.

Star Trek had The Devil In The Dark, where ultimately the monster turned out to be a misunderstood mother whose eggs were being stolen (and a couple of guys under a carpet to boot), Doctor Who's had some fine monsters but without the visual magnificence, and so on. This 1999 episode had the lot - still does.

I remember reading somewhere that a member of the production team stated that the monster, with all of its compressed air pipes, lights and tentacles, cost more than hiring the mighty Margaret Leighton for Collision Course. But what a monster they created....

The episode also made extensive use of flashbacks or, as modern parlance would have it, "backstory" - I seem to recall that entire episodes of Lost relied on this technique, but then it can be equally effective if used correctly (see Firefly's "Out Of Gas" - TWO sets of flashbacks running at the same time PLUS a tearjerker of an ending). Season Two could have been done for the same cost, but told us more about the crew's past, with Victor, Paul, Bob and Tanya appearing as guest stars in stories set partly on Earth, or during the early years of Alpha.

Right, I'd better get "back on topic" - Dragon's Domain is simply wonderful.

Kindest regards