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DW original gun.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Hi guys,

Here's another original Doctor Who gun from the Tom Baker story "Nightmare of Eden" that I have.
And then used again in other stories.

It's quite a nice little prop, very nicely made, but not really used or seen well on screen.
It's mainly made from cold cast alliuminium resin, an old small torch for the barrel and a small bottle top for the nozzle.
The black handle grip is made from some old rubber car mat.
It's about 28.5cm long.
The odd thing about this gun is that it's most definately a right handed gun, it's imposible to use it in the left hand...

Hope you enjoy,

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Thanks Andy!
That curved grip is bazarre! The whole thing reminds me of a gas pump handle. Quite a cool find!


Great photos, thank you very much for sharing Andy.

How comfortable is it to hold, looks like it might be a bit awkward!

They are similar.....ish to the Warrior Gate pistols aren't they.

- cheers,



Deputy Commander
Staff member
Great stuff!! Thanks, Andy!! :thumbup:

BTW, what's all that "stuff" on the surface - is it some sort of varnish that's gone funny?

Hi guys,

... original Doctor Who gun from the Tom Baker story "Nightmare of Eden" that I have.
It'll stop you from getting caught by the Mandrels ... ooh, painful!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Chief Eagle Pilot
Hi Andy,
It.s actually quite comfortable in the right hand, but not in the left...

The stuff on the handle is just dirt and grim that it has acumilated over the years. I don't want to polish it off as I think it adds to it's look, and it is an old prop now...

The Mandrels do sound painfull don't they ;) :lol: