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Eagle Hanger Bay


Since I last posted any pics on this subject I have completed quite a bit more of the hanger. Including a ceiling and light box.

To recap some of my previous postings on this, the walls and almost all of the support equipment (scaffolds, light posts, etc) are entirely scratch built. The figures, stairways, and ladders are all from HO scale Railroad accessories.

The fueling/air conditioning trucks and tubing come from a 1/72nd scale aircraft support diorama accessory pack (and lord knows I can't remember the exact name or manufacturer, if I find the box I'll let you know).

Ceiling is a plastic screen desinged for drop ceiling office lights.

It really doesn't show well in these shots, but on the left hand wall, as part of the office windows there is a doorway and small balcony, with two figures looking down on the scene. I got the idea from Breakaway, when Alan and the Commander are talking you can see the hanger through a window, and see someone walking past the window. Watch those scenes closely and you will see a doorway to the right of the window.

The uniforms on the figures are painted to match Series II. I did that for two reasons. Firstly, the hanger is based strongly on the version we saw in "Space Warp", and secondly the colored colors and jackets show up better in this scale than the relatively plain uniforms of Series I.


Brilliant work!

It makes me really want to start on a diorama... but I really think I am going to do a launch pad, so I dont have to worry about the walls. :lol:


Excellent as always, John!!

The wait to see the finished version
has been WELL worth it.

Any chance of getting high-res versions
of the photos?? :)


DX-SFX said:
Is that some Space Shuttle payload I see standing in amongst the service platforms?

Very good eye. Embedded inside the tall part of the service platform are two stacked cylinders. The lower cannister is a European Spacelab module taken from a 1/144 scale space shuttle kit. The upper cannister is a Kvant module from a 1/144 MIR space station kit.

Also visible in this shot is the catwalk I mentioned earlier.

More exciting full res (and much wider than the 600 pixel forum limit) versions of these pictures can be found at my photobucket site:

Thanks for all the nice comments guys.


Ah, and the pipes connecting the shuttle payload to those three cylinders... the cylinders are from the 1/32 scale Apollo service module model kit. Neat!


Very creative use of kitbashed parts for the background man. The APU cart from a Hasegawa ground equipment set?


I was too quick earlier when I visited your site, John.
Thanks for the update in pictures. Love the little
details in your Hanger.


Bravo,bravo,bravo.Very impressive.How many hours did it take you to do this hangar.Now that you have experience in this domain,would it take you less time in building something similar to represent another section of Alpha's hangar,in your opinion.Providing that you want to,of course.Just curious.

Alex Dumas

Simply amazing! :clap:

I love the dynamic feel of that diaroma. Really inspiring...

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Thanks Alex for bringing up this thread again.:)

John_trek is really an expert. I just had a look on his photobucket-album. He's a very talented guy. :yes:

show us more of your builds, please :)

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Great job on the Eagle hangar!

john_trek, I am late to this party, but just had to say I love this work. Well done sir, very very cool.

Surrounding the vehicle we all (practically all?) love with its realistic support apparatus and hangar environment further increases the impression of realism, which is an angle I always enjoy. Fine concept well executed.

I like the way you maintained a high level of detail all the way around the walls. Folks who tackle large ambitious dioramas often find they can't cope with the sheer volume of texture required, so they end up with sort of bald patches or sketchy areas which sink the areas of good work by rendering the overall job unconvincing. Your work looks strong and realistic because the full-on treatment is throughout.

The integral lighting is always a great touch.

Are those the PE Eagles?


Thanks guys for the kind words and encouragement.

The two eagles shown in the pictures are not PE, but are heavily rebuilt AMT/ERTL eagles.

The Transporter Eagle was done over ten years ago, before all the great references came out on the web. Lots of little (and not so little) errors on it, but still holds up from a distance.

The Lab Eagle was done in the last two years.

Neither one of them uses any conversion kits ..... it was all done with raw materials and modified parts from the original models.
Love the hangar - where the figures come from??

:clap:Awsome :clap:....I'll keep dreaming as I neither have the space nor the $$.

Can someone tell me what scale those figures are? Are they Alphans from the Alpha base kit?
Or, are they
- HO scale 1/72
- 1/96
- 1/110

Also, the name type or website to purchase these?:-/


Bless you for your comments.

The space issue is a definate problem. I had to build a new shelf in a former closet just to have a place to put the darn thing. If you want, you could always use some Konami Eagles to build a hanger which would be a lot more compact. :)

t's been a couple years since I made the diorama, but as I recall the figures are at HO scale, which is not 1/72 (as the Airfix and other 12" Eagles are often incorrectly scaled at). HO scale is 1/87th. Don't ask me where the heck that number came from, who uses fractions like 1/87 ???

I don't recall the figure manufacturers. As I recall I used several different brands. The hanger is overdue for a bit of maintenance, so I'll dig into my archives of model parts and figure out which brands I used. The advantage of using railroad figures is not only that 1/87th is remarkably close to the correct scale, but they tend not to be wearing bulky army uniforms or have helmets!

- John
1/87 means 1 inch equates to 7 1/4 feet, so could it be that it was decided to use that scale to make doorways 1" tall? (Including the small stone step often seen on the outside for the front door of a house)