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Eagle Hanger Bay


HO stands for "Half O" as in "O" gauge model railways. The odd scale of 1/87 comes from model railway gauges being set in millimetres which leads to odd modelling scales when converted over to imperial scales. OO, or "Double O" is 1/72nd to 1/76th scale but the actual track gauge for OO is exactly the same as HO. It's because the bodies of OO model railways are technically too big (overscale) for the gauge but the scale of 1/72 - 1/76 is based on the size of the bodies.

As a result, HO model trains are therefore proportioned better and more accurate to the real thing but are noticeably smaller than OO trains.


Can't wait to see finished hangar pics.:clap:

I can't say I've done much more work on the hanger itself since the last set of pics, but here are some views of it a bit more filled up.

I will leave it to the master modelers of all things 99 to determine which eagles are converted Ertl and which are detailed PE.