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Eagle One Build


Couple more images with interior plating and window details.



Test Subjects

Today I mostly spent time on figuring out the overall dimensions as it relates to a human scale, and I also began work on the fore and aft compartments.

Here is the outside. Still very much thinking about how to approach it all.

Here we have "Fabio" at a tall 2 meters, with "Sandra" in the back of the passenger pod. The door and sizes/scale are not set in stone yet.

A wireframe screenshot.

The site is now an invaluable resource. Nothing in the series and models matches correctly in regards to scale, so I will have to spend a bit more time on it.
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Reading this thread = mind blown at the dedication and perseverance.

When you're watching the show, it's easy enough to just go with the dramatic flow and pretend that, somehow, the internal dimensions of the Eagle fit comfortably within the exterior. (Or vice versa.)

However, over the years, seeing various modellers (both physical and CGI) and blueprint makers* talk of that conundrum, especially as regards the beak, I'm always intrigued to see how people make it work - especially on a project like this.

Much kudos to you and admiration, Herbert123.

*Roberto Baldassari