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Eagle Transporter FLEET REVIEW


Commander Ret.
Thought it about time we reviewed our fleets. Here's mine, not including the 15+ boxed PE12s, Ultra Probes and Hawks! :eek:

Who needs a 44? :roll:

I do. :cry:


Well, this reminds me on my little Shado Moonmobile I scratchbuilt some years ago. With a bit of patience and an eye for the detailing it should be fun to build a micro Eagle fleet. We all hope to see some pics soon.

P.S. I think it still is too small for my future NWA2 diorama...still determing the scale...



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NB: Eventually, I'll cut out the comments out of this thread so we just have pics! :)


Right - wife's out so my 'toys' can come out to 'play' !

Here's my quick fleet review...

Note that some items shown are still in the process of being finished...(laser tanks, UPCM, PE 23", gliders etc)

These pics do not include the following:

AB 44" (still under construction)
AB 22" (ditto)
Dinky Eagles (about 7 of different types)
Airfix Eagles (3 mint boxed)
Airfix Hawk (1 mint boxed)
Moonbase Alpha kit (3 mint boxed)
Kaldorian (on the way from Jim Small)
Warp Eagle (2 more under construction)
Warp Hawk (1 more under construction)
PE 11" Eagles (5 mint boxed)

I think that's about it...sorry these are quickly cobbled together on the dining room table...they're normally safely put away on various shelves around the house, and had to be brought together somewhere :)



I got so many Konami rescue Eagles basically because I could !

A while ago they were up on Ebay very cheap in a BIN, and my idea was that I would paint them as standard pods one day...another of those projects that I may get around to sometime...

As far as the little moonbuggy is's one I got from Comet many many years ago and I believe is the Nemotecknik model (or a recast of it). I'll take some closer pics - but this one's now yet complete as I didn't have warning stripe decals when I was making it...another one I will have to revisit and get looking better...

The base is a small picture frame filled with plaster and painted grey.

Here's some closer pics of some of the items as requested:

The diorama is just a Comet mini-metal Eagle with a bit of lichen as 'alien foliage' - and scratchbuilt steps.

The small Hawk was bought somewhere - can't remember where and seems to be in scale with the small Eagles.

The pad is the Comet one, and was built a long time doesn't look as crisp as I could do now...might have to strip and repaint this one day...

Hope that's of some interest...


Edited for typo...


Gee, my collection is tiny, almost pathetic by comparison. ;) Now if this list were to include Space Shuttle models, I've got over 40 kits in various sizes and scales stashed away. Anyway, here's mine.

The Centuri Eagle technically won't be mine anymore in a couple of days, but at least I can still claim it for this picture. :twisted: Only models not pictured are an original MPC and a reissue Ertl Moonbase Alpha. The Bandai Interceptor I threw in for posterity.

Now with the size of some of your collections, I have this image of Eagles being like Doritos Tortilla chips (or crisps for our UK members). For the advert I can see Nick Tate saying "Crunch all you want, we'll make more." 8)


Here's my fleet .... in glorious low res images delicately cropped and resized to furthur blur the effect.

so the stats break down:
- 4 PE Eagles
- 2 AMT Eagles - heavily rebuilt and accurized
- scratch cargo pod and scratch "Wide body cargo" pod
- AMT Moonbase Alpha diorama - scratch landing pads
- scratch Launch pad with 2" Eagle
- scratch Year 2 interior diorama with 6" figure
- Small Artworks Meta Probe
- 8 Konami Eagles (2 pictured)
- accurized Airfix hawk
- scratch built Immunity Syndrome Glider
- scratch Commloc, customized Stun Gun (converted from the water pistol toy)

Not pictured: PE 23" Eagle

Hmm.... even after getting my Eagle Gift Set in the mail yesterday (thanks WHO North America) I'm getting a mild case of Fleet Envy.

Come on UltraProbe command module.... get here already.


Compared to most 'fleets', mine is very humble, to say the least. But... 30 years ago I would have given my eye teeth to have what I do and I am thoroughly enjoying my chance to get all the 'toys' I missed out before.

And I just like this image... :p

I mentioned at some point that I have 2 Eagles I am fairly sure are unique to my collection... You guys kitbash, I 'pattern bash'. The oblique Eagle is from an image in the Catacombs I flipped and ran through a pattern maker. The planets were from various old patterns I have made over the years, modified with metallic thread for a 'twinkly' look.

The lateral view image was taken before I went back and added some extra stitching, so the final image has all the engine bells and better definition on the off side landing struts. (Was supposed to be worked on black fabric and the missing parts in 'shadow', didn't quite have that effect on the blue background. :? ) If anyone is interested, there are 28 cross-stitches to the linear inch and the lateral Eagle is 10 inches long by ~ 2 1/4 inches tall. The oblique Eagle has ~ 2/3 rds the stitches, but the perspective made it the greater challenge to 'see' as I worked it.

And last but far from least...

One day, I will have a dedicated place to hang all my S99 posters, but for now, I enjoy them in rotation.


Oddly enough, I am not nearly as anxious for the VIP and Freighter Eagles I ordered this week. Perhaps it is because I only have the one right now and it is missing companionshop :lol:


Hurrah! Went to the postal outlet and picked it up. And since I now have more than one, here are some photos. They may look like others, but they are mine, so I will devote a few photos to them:

The Gift Set Box:


Lab Pod and Spine Boosters:

With the Eagle Transporter:

Now I really want to take the Transporter apart and "fix" the companionways. White looks so much better, soething not as obvious when you are looking only at the gray one on its own.

I'll add a photo when the Freighter and VIP arrive. Hurray!


Here is my comparitively meager collection - all started less than two years ago.

Doesn't include my AMT Moonbase which awaits in it's box for warmer weather (It's in the -30s C at the moment) - waiting to warm up to get to my unheated garage / shop to build a respectable wooden base followed by plaster lunar surface on which to display the kit.



Here is the fleet as it stands at 4:

They live on a bookshelf right now, and I just stand there and wonder at them... so beautiful. :)

In may I think I am either going to pick up a 23" kit, or if there is still a PE 23" around I might spluge on one of those. I just feel the need for bigger, and if I buy a PE 23", then I have no reason not to build a 44" at some point, right?


My two last Eagles arrived today .

The now famous gift set :

Also nice to display the freighter :

The fleet is almost complete now ( and modelling budget dried up accordingly ):

The Eagle one is always in the "junk-yard", as can be seen in background.....more will see the same state later :twisted: .....but.....I have a wild guardian who says nooo, don't even think of touching them ......

And for those who wonder how "big" is the moon buggy at this scale ( and no, my "paws" are not that much oversized ):




I also have a Konami Eagle and Rescue Eagle, two Dinky Eagles that I rescued and repainted (they were white to begin with and been repainted white) and a Konami hawk. Oh and an Eagle pin.

Any body point me in the right direction for Dinky engine parts? I need the whole assemblies for both my Dinky birds!

And no sign of giving up yet.