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Eagle Transporter FLEET REVIEW


That is one of the better 1/144 Moonrakers I've seen. Nice work there! Airfix kit, right? The decals at least are either Airfix or the Amaquest copies (done with better coloring then the originals, but using the same artwork layout).


Eagle Fleet etal... Sorry for the repost, I

My Eagle Fleet so far minus 4 of the new 1612 versions. I'm reposting because I royally messed up the link to the photos, and I'm not sure how to edit an earlier post or post the pictures inline. So anyway, heres to hoping the link doesn't lead you deep into the void.....




I've added one more 23" and two more 12" from the new sixteen12 collection. Wherever in the world they went off to.added more Enterprises also..... and a Hawk attached to the spine of a Transporter.

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Sorry i don't have pics yet, but here is my tiny little eagle fleet list...

AMT Eagle assembled but not painted yet
Blue Dinky eagle minus engine assembly
White Dinky eagle with passenger pod (coming in the mail)

Also have some BSG stuff and enough Star Trek ships to make the Klingons nervous

Still in the market for a 12" PE Eagle
Just wanted to post an update...the white dinky eagle I got from ebay just arrived in the mail today...needs the typical paint refinishing but still very nice. Also, it only took 7 days to get from the UK to Nevada, not bad for a 6,000 mile trip.