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Eagle Transporter FLEET REVIEW


Fleet update

Two more augmented Eagles. :)


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This design is so fun. Not to practical, as there is no way in/out (unless you use the Mattel hatch system). I am bashing a Eaglet hopper together.

Hey, I missed these posts back in November, or I would have piped up!

Funpod is too modest to sing his own praises, but I can confirm that he is absolutely the 'author' of the piece, and of the name 'Eaglet' (though I'm not disputing that others may have called it that independently).

About the year 5 BF (Before the Forum), I exchanged a couple of letters (remember them?!) with Mark42, and in one reply he included a nice photo of his replica 44". I sent a scan of this to Funpod, and in very short order he sent back one of his first bits of photoshopping, labelled 'Eaglet', and very recognisable as the craft we all know now as cricket's avatar!

It's on an old pc, but I've been meaning to fire it up and retrieve old pics and data before it goes to the recyclers, so as long as Funpod doesn't mind I'll see if I can get it up here shortly.


Eagles 1 and 2 armed and ready for action!



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Scifitodd's fleet

Here is my fleet at the moment part 1. Still arranging things. :D


  • My display2.jpg
    My display2.jpg
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My display part 2


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My display part 3


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Part 4 my display


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My display part 5


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juan valdez

Would like to know if there are any warp retailers in the United States. Looking to get one of their space 1999 eagle side boosters kits....



Current Eagle Fleet:

Forgot to put in my original 1976 MPC Eagle that I rebuilt in 1989 to be more correct:

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