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Eagle Transporter FLEET REVIEW


My tiny Fleet

My 5 PE Eagles. Of course I also have two Airfix eagles and two Hawk fighters.



Finally got a camera and at least one of each PE12, so I can show most of my Eagle collection. I don't have any Hawks displayed here, nor my fleet-in-progress of micro-Eagles (from the Moonbase Alpha kit), nor my Mattel toy. I could have hung up my posters & blueprints, but as you'll notice, the basement wall is rather old & rough, so I decided not to hang those.




I have finally got some photos together of the fleet at my house, so I shall delete the other entry.

PEs Transporter (converted from Medical)
Medical (stripes redone)
VIP pod (bought from another forum member on Freighter eagle)
Freighter Pod/ Pallet pod combo with Scratch built Canisters
Docking tube between two of them
Booster pod with spine booster (gift set including tank and buggy.

Dinky One of each, Transporter and Freighter both second series. I did think of swapping the pay loads to make a suppppperrrrrr rare version of each, but Eagle is watching :D

A Konami Eagle which came in the premium pack with SID

The backing idea is borrowed from above as we know.

One day there will be a 23" and a Hawk, but that's it until the Nuke and the Grab arm and hopefully the side boosters arrive.


paul gray

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finally got my first eagles today and boy have i been lucky. got the transporter and rescue 12 inch PE ones off ebay and did a swap with a fellow member for the 22 inch PE which arrived i a happy bunny or what.
cheers Paul


Well, it seems like much longer, but its only been about a year since I rediscovered my passion for Space:1999 stuff. But what a year it has been!

In the beginning of Aug 2006, I purchased my first PE12" along with an Eagle Stand. A month later, I got the perfect lighted platform for the Eagle display. And, still in Sept, I got a Konami transporter and rescue Eagle to sit on the top of my computer monitors. And come Oct, I acquired the entire series on DVD.

November saw the delivery of a Moonbase Alpha patch - which heralded an even bigger purchase near the beginning of December. As an early Christmas present last year, I bought myself one of the PE 23" Eagles.

After the New Year, I traded my grey corridored PE Eagle for one with white corridors. This was to match the Lab Eagle with booster pack from the Gift set which I received as a belated Christmas present. Then, in early February (a lovely valentine's for myself ;) ) I found the supplier of those wonderful Eagle II posters and added them to my collection, followed in March by the acquisition of those perfect Eagle patches by darthwalls - and two AMT Moonbase Alpha models so as to build one complete Alpha layout (this remains unbuilt at this time).

After that, my Eagle obsession lay dormant for a few months, until PE informed us no more 12" Eagles would be produced. At that point, I purchased a VIP Eagle and swapped its pod for a standard pod, giving me my third white corridor PE Eagle. This one is now waiting for the side boosters to complete it.

Of course, I really didn't expect to be making many more purchases after that. I thought the obsession had essentially run its course. Well, ebay proved me wrong. My latest and greatest acquisition has been a beautiful Eagle Pad for the 12" Eagles. And with that, the Eagle-monster inside has been sated for the time being (until those boosters get made - at which time the beast will rise again!).

So below is my accumulated 'fleet'.

2 Konami Eagles (1 Transporter; 1 Rescue)
3 PE 12" Eagles (2 Transporter; 1 Lab w/Spine Boosters - w/lighted stand and Eagle Stand)
1 Space:1999 DVD set - complete series
1 PE 23" Eagle (Transporter)
5 Patches (3 Numbered Eagle; 1 Rainbow; 1 Moonbase Alpha)
2 Eagle II Posters (Orbit; Pad)
2 Alpha Moonbase models (unbuilt at this time)
1 Eagle Pad (for 12" Eagles)

Not too shabby for 12 months of collecting. :twisted:

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:clap: A very cool collection there. Its funny how these collections take on a mind of their own...they just keep growing.


Well as I said I have ordered my first eagle, and it has just arrived!!!!!!!!!!Have not opened it yet but, as it was suggested i will post pics up as i get them. I have ordered the standard eagle too but seller is away until 17th so have to wait for that.
Anyway, here we are!


:shock: What, you haven't taken it out of the box yet????? Feel free to do this as they come out very easily and you can safely store the box for moving, selling etc. You've got to take it out of the box, you can't fly it round the room like that. Congratulations, a very good start. :#:


Well as I said I have ordered my first eagle, and it has just arrived!!!!!!!!!!Have not opened it yet but, as it was suggested i will post pics up as i get them. I have ordered the standard eagle too but seller is away until 17th so have to wait for that.
Anyway, here we are!

And now the medical eagle is no longer alone, had a nice surprise this Saturday morning, as the standard eagle I ordered from last week or so arrived, and also the VIP Eagle, Freighter and gift set arrived, the gift set I literally looked at then put away, as my dad has to pay me back for it and pay me!! :fume: :lol: as it's for my birthday, so now, I HAVE THEM ALL!!!! :brows: :whip:



You can pick these up off e-bay - try searching "Eagle istand" Some members here have them and sware by them.
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I was wondering the same thing about the Starbug model and if it was the Corgie one, if it is then it is smaller than I thought it was, I really should pay more attention.:?
Tony and Tony ( :D )…yes, you’re both right, it’s the little 2.5” Corgi model. And although it may look like JD’s “après-meal” ( :? ) I must say that the overall quality of this little model is far superior to the Konami Eagles and Hawks…
Will Corgi produce them one day? ( :no: )...mmhhmmm…wishful thinking…

Thanks WHOna! :thumbup:
:oops:That was a bit harsh.

Not at all JD!...and you’re absolutely right on what concerns Corgi’s Starbug structural blunder…but after all it’s just a 13 USD…;)

Still about the Starbug, fellow-member skyfullofstars pointed me to this little “home made” Bug currently up for auction on eBay… Yes, it’s nothing compared to Dave Sisson’s outstanding replica…but not being too picky about accuracy, it surely caught my attention… :think:

Cheers! :)