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Eagle Variation Design on the KSY CD Rom.


Here are some pics of the Eagle type ship on the KSY Cd Rom I thought was kinda interesting. I like the idea I would do a few things different to it and a larger scale would be even better. Overall though I think its a neat design.

Any thoughts?

Have a good one...


Forum Supporter
It looks like another ripped off image taken from the net without permission and then used on the KSY CD to me.

I say this because I have that original image sat on my PC, sent to me by a friend, (another Eagle nut), I used to have who lived in Texas a few years ago. I do not ever recall my friend uploading any of the imges to a website himself although I may be wrong, however I had that particular image and severalof the others pictures on a 'Guest Gallery' page on my own website for a few of years before I took the page down.

He bought a few of the Eagle models, dioramas and conversions that I did and he purchased the Launch Pad to display them on. He then photographed all of them on the launch pad including the Eagle variation model he did himself a few years earlier and sent me the pictures.

I will have another look through the KSY CD as I have a copy laying around somewhere to see if any others are on there.

Of course my friend could have uploaded the images to a website of his own, and the other option is that he could possibly have given permisssion for them to be used. I would ask him but I have had no contact with him for around 4 to five years now and have no way to contact him at all.