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Eagle weathering


A look at the results:


Just watched the video, very informative. I'm going to try this on my Moon Bus. Thanks for posting. Your Eagle is beautiful.



I wish I could do that! Nice work.

All it takes is a little practice! I started out just painting a scrap piece of plastic matte white, adding some tape to it to make interesting shapes and just having a go at it. You will eventually get a feel for how much charcoal dust to pick up (very little) and how heavy to make your strokes with the brush (the lighter, the better). In all I used less than 1/4 inch from a 1/4 inch square charcoal stick to do the entire Eagle. Much of that was waste from when I would finish up for the night and just rinse the remainder off of my wet or dry sandpaper. The good thing about this technique is that you can easily wash it off and start over if you do not like the result after removing the tape. You can also keep a damp cloth handy to wipe off just the area you just did if you do not want to redo an entire section.