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Just seeing your message (been away, past couple of days)...

My apologies; should've been a bit clearer. Scroll down on that homepage, and you should come upon it; pls let me know!

I missed that; the link takes us to the general page and not something specific. What did I miss?


Is it yours? It is a fine picture.
I don't do sci-fi mash ups. I left a Facebook group where someone kept mashing up alien with Star Wars (why the hell would a face hugger latch on to C3PO?) and all sorts of nonsense. Gosh; they weren't yours?! Again fine pictures but not for me. I like my fiction nicely pigeon holed; AVP was a bit much.


Wish I had even a little of such technical skill, but, alas, no. :( I certainly admire those who do have it! :yes:

(Although, as you point out, I might or might not agree with the outcome... :hmm:)

And, yes, C3P0's perfect, just as he is! ;)