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Eaglemoss Space 1999 announcement

Or the Product Enterprise/Sixteen-12 ones? There's 2 left to be release in their line up. I'm not sure if they going to do any more.


There'll be an announcement next year. All Ben says is that it will be a large model. Hope it's not a partworks. A series of models say the same size as their Discovery or Galactica ranges would be perfect for me. With Sixteen12 having only a couple of more Eagles to go maybe their licence runs out next year?
I remembered that Sixteen-12 is coming out with their 'Micro' line - 5.5" Eagles and they have a launch pad coming out in that scale. So they will keep producing Space: 1999 products for 2020. It would be nice if Eaglemoss would produce Space: 1999 products that Sixteen-12 isn't - such as a Hawk, Swift, etc.


It'll be interesting to see how this pans out - I'm assuming it will be similar to their long running (and nicely presented) Star Trek collection at least in terms of scale ?...
I remember years ago (I think I made a post at the time) that Dr Agostini were tentatively thinking of a Gerry Anderson collection - I used to be on their email list and occasionally they would ask you to complete surveys on potential new collections - but it never saw the light of day.
I got the Eaglemoss Star Trek starship collection (not STD though!) and was very impressed. If they come out with a line of Space: 1999 ships then I'd be interested.
On the other hand if it's DeAgostini then I'll stay as far away as possible and just try to pick up specific models off eBay.


Yeah I've had a few issues with Eaglemoss no pun intended, there are definitely QC issues and I've found that their customer service isn't great!
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Anyone heard anymore about this Hero Collector release , guessing that Covid may be delaying any potential run ?
I have the Sixteen 12 ones. The Eaglemoss Eagle is a little smaller and the quality isn't as good as the Sixteen 12 ones. That plus Eaglemoss quality control issues (which I'm in the middle of getting only 1 out of 3 replacements) so this is a big pass for me. Eaglemoss tends to do better with their larger models vs the smaller ones. I have a few issues with their larger ones and more issues with their smaller ones.
Here’s their official online blurb

The paint apps in these photos don’t look quite right to me. No white frame on the beak’s viewports, and the pod ports appear to be one long line instead of three (although the breaks between ports are clearly there). Something up with the side boosters too. Otherwise, a fairly decent representation. A few glitches are Eaglemoss’s MO - anyone who collects their Star Trek stuff knows these. Some really nice models when they’re successful, some frustrating boo-boos when their quality control net fails. The story of the mess they made of their XL refurbished 1701 Enterprise is notorious.

NB A little bird told me that they fixed the issue with the backwards leg strut seen here.


If the picture of 3 Eagles on their official site is anything to go by then after the booster Eagle it will be the lab Eagle. I'll probably get that one. Hope they're not going down the Sixteen 12 route of every model is just an Eagle variant.
Yes I wish they'd do other Space 1999 and Gerry Anderson stuff also. Especially vehicles that haven't been done before in diecast. Strakers car, U59 Explosive truck from Joe 90 etc, etc. I mean the Sixteen12 eagles will be better anyway.