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Eaglemoss Space 1999 announcement

I had a 15% coupon a few months back and since I also collect the Doctor Who figs, I popped for it. I pre ordered the basic Eagle.

I bought it to encourage them to continue the line and make the hawk-swift-metaprobe etc Earth ships. I doubt they'll do any alien ships, since S1999 had dozens of Alien ships. We'll see.


Waiitng to see the reviews of the first Eagle when it comes out. If it's good than I'll order the lab Eagle. Hope they are successful and get round to making the Hawk, Swift, UPCM , Tanks etc. If they do a Hawk it would be interesting to see how it compares with the Sixteen 12 version. Will have to wait and see.


Waiting as well, the photos I've seen did not impress me too much. But at that price point it may not be too bad. My 1612 Wargames set arrived last week and I was very impressed in the level of detail on the Hawk.
I have seen one of the Eaglemoss Eagles in-hand. It's actually very nice, not bad value at all for the RRP (and they usually do offers, that will bring the price down: the discount code THANKYOU reduced the price to £50.99 delivered for me back in May. Try it; might still work but if it doesn't, keep an eye out for other offers.)

It's not a perfect replica by any means - there are minor problems, but the backwards leg strut issue noted upthread has been corrected as have a few other glitches via paint apps. Eaglemoss, I'm told, strive to match a ship with what's depicted onscreen rather than with the unlit studio miniatures, so the Eagle you get is more muted than other representations I've seen - it's less "Ford Diamond White" with that faint creamy quality and a little greyer than I thought it'd be. The upper and lower black background "cross" on each quad thruster on the shoulder pods aren't quite right, and each landing leg is the same colour as the Eagle overall instead of the darker tone of grey it should be. The anti-glare shields on the beak's viewing ports are also a (very) dark grey instead of black, and the viewing ports themselves are not delineated by the usual white frame. Weirdly though, at this scale and approach to the colour scheme, this all kind of works. Overall, I have to say that the paint apps look really nice, and give a sense of detail at this scale that even the beautiful (and much more accurate) Sixteen-12 die-cast 12" versions lack. (These are 10" long and so slightly smaller.)

Another issue is that there's no detail inside the engine bells - they're just hollow and painted a very dark grey inside, but I personally can totally live with that as I display them front to back. Unlike the Sixteen-12 replicas, these Eaglemoss ones have the "diamond" shaped cage around the engine bells, too. It's a little thick, and the overall cage superstructure is too, but I'm nitpicking. Overall, it looks a hell of a lot better than the advance pictures suggested.

At the same time, I get the sense that, with a tiny bit more effort, they'd have ironed out the glitches I describe above. An expert eye will immediately detect them, but if you can live with them and are looking for a relatively affordable Eagle miniature, I'd say go for it. None of Sixteen-12's 12" Eagle die-cast sets come in at under two hundred quid, even with their early-bird offers - although to be fair they are marketed as collector's items - so at 50-60 quid a pop, these aren't going to break the bank. (Or, rather, my wallet.)

If you collect Eagle toys and models (and I have done, my whole life), I'd say these are a worthy addition to a long line of Eagle miniatures. I went for the "Side Boosters" version, but now I've actually seen one, will be picking up the Transporter and Lab versions too.


Yep I gotta say I'm not too impressed with eaglemoss their customer service isn't great they are Super Slow when it come to getting your order to you and the product quality is wildly variable😱😒👎 I'll stick to the Sixteen12 Eagles, You get what you pay for
The Eaglemoss Canadian site has been down for the last few months. I'm not sure if Canadians can order from the US site or not. As for the Customer Service, I had some issues. I ordered an item, came with some paint issues so I contacted CS about it and wanted a replacement which was still in stock. After 5 days and no response, I called them and found out in those 5 days the model was now out of stock, so no replacement. On my lost order, I had 3 small models that had issues and wanted replacements, they had 2 in stock and the 3rd was out of stock. Contacted CS and they responded that they would send me one replacement and stated that the other 2 were out of stock. I checked the Canadian site and the 2nd model was still in stock so I never got that replaced. So, yeah, they have lots of quality control issues and some CS issues.


Yep I gotta say I'm not too impressed with eaglemoss their customer service isn't great they are Super Slow when it come to getting your order to you and the product quality is wildly variable😱😒👎 I'll stick to the Sixteen12 Eagles, You get what you pay for
Thanks for the heads up!