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Watched this episode again last night. A little slow for the first half, but man, what a climax! Simmonds is his usual agreeably slimy self, and gets his comeuppance in this show!

I stlll recall how shocked I was at the ending way back in 1975; the image of Simmonds struggling in vain to escape the suspended animation container stuck with me for YEARS (hey, I was only 9 yers old at the time!)! If only the director had caught the alien that sat up in the background, effectively diminishing the impact of the shot years later on DVD!

Later on, I watched "The Beta Cloud" from Series Two. Vastly inferior to Series One? Yeah. But still entertaining and fun? You bet!

I also finally broke down and ordered the SPACE: 1999 DVD megaset (assuming they can still get it). My Columbia House VHS tapes are starting to show their age.....


Earthbound is definately one of my favorites from the first season. The ending is such a kick in the chest ....

If I had to nitpick, it would be the use of the "absolutely essential, unreplaceable device that is easily removed/disabled" plot device. How convenient that Simmonds goes in and takes out the whatever-it-is and holds them hostage with it.

Still... seems like most Sci-fi series use that plot device eventually (or repeatedly)...

As for The Beta Cloud .... watching that episode is like a dirtly little secret. I enjoy it too. You gotta love the really campy parts... especially the ominous cloud villian threatening them at convenient intervals.

But then, in spite of it being written by that Charles guy (aka Fred Freeberger) it actually makes good use of the supporting cast, and Sahn has more to do in that episode than in just about the entire series.

This is especially surprising since the Fred Frieberger era had demoted her already small role to that of little more than Lt. Uhura on a bad day. Zenia Merton had actually quit after a few episodes of Series II, and only came back after Barbara Bain asked her to return. Her return was conditioned that she only appear in episodes where she actually had a role. So notice that Yasko pretty much just sits there and pushes buttons ... and episodes when Sahn shows up she actually gets a few lines of relevant dialog. The reason Alibe showed up in the last three episodes was that Zenia had got a leading role in a film, and it conflicted with the shooting schedule. As I recalled, they actually had moved "Devil's Planet" or "Immunity Syndrome" to a different shooting order so she could appear, but then reverted to the original shooting schedule and she couldn't do it. Since by that point the decision had been made that there would be no Series III, she figured she wasn't burning any bridges by not being in the last few shows.