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Easter Egg UFO?

The supermarket near me is selling hollow plastic eggs meant for Easter egg hunts that consist of a lot of small eggs inside a larger one. Obviously not many such hunts are taking place right now so they've been reduced in price and I now have three of these.

I'm really just interested in the clear outer egg. I think I may be able to cut it down to make the transparent outer parts of a UFO.



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I've cut down the top of the egg and bought a clear plastic pan lid off eBay to form the lower clear cover. This too has been cut down. I don't think the size and shape are quite right but it's the closest I could manage.

and showing the top section inside the bottom one:



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Finally some actual gluing and assembly.
I've made the top of the UFO's core section. The main sloped part is made from the cap of a tube of toothpaste that has been cut down while the curved upper piece uses a section cut from the base of one of the smaller plastic eggs that came inside the large clear egg.
These are glued together and also have a single M2 nylon screw running through them for a bit of extra strength. The four M2 screws poking up will be used to mount the clear cover and will be cut to length later. I picked nylon instead of metal to make the cutting easier.



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Today I received a set of plastic funnels, one of which I want to use for the base of the UFO.

Just a 15mm thick section at the wide end is needed and this is covered in plasticard at each end with a hole at the bototn to fit in the clear base.

I had hoped that I would be able to use part of the left over funnel to make the upper core but the angle of the slope was wrong. It was too wide at the bottom and too short so instead the core needed to be scratch built from plasticard.

Now the parts placed together:



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A cardboard template allowed me to test the fit of one of the spines around the core.

Then this was replicated in plasticard.

To detail the core between the spines I used ribbon cable.

Then I just needed to cut the teardrops for the end of each spine.

Now it just needs painting. Importantly the crew arrived today as well.



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Thanks. I know there are some innaccuracies in the model, specifically in the lower section, but I still have two more of the clear plastic eggs so I may have another go if I can find some better parts for the base.