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Ed Straker's Car from UFO

Steve Zodiac

I remember seeing them in the space city exhibition along side fab 1 when I was a kid- coooool! What did they fetch?

Can't find the catalogue at the mo with the prices in, but seem to remember it was not a great deal. Something like £2000 for the pair. They had previously been withdrawn from a Phillips auction at £1900 for the car and £1100 for the boat.

Captain Sci-Fi

Somewhere I have a few photos of both vehicles from that exhibition. I have another with the body lifted up on the car. There was a metal chassis with a 50cc Honda moped engine mounted in it. Reg Hill built it I believe.

I'll try to find the image.


I'd love to see some good pictures, Bernie, I am converting the green Dinky Armoured Vehicle into the Investigator car.
For those who have not seen the pilot, it is available in three parts on Youtube. Bad quality but better than nothing.


This was shown, but only once on British Television in the 1970’s. I think it was either on a Saturday or Sunday and it was shown in the LWT region. I recall it because I then had to play at being Investigators who could shrink to puppet size with my 10 year old niece! Love to know when it was.

Steve Zodiac

Everything I can find, either written or on the net, says that "The Investigator" has never been screened. Not getting confused with " The Secret Service" are we?

BTW the boat and car made £2000 at the auction , that would be £2352.50 with the 15% premium plus VAT added.