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Ed Straker's Car from UFO


It is probably to fragile for anything other than cosmetic restoration. It looks like it was last roadworthy around 1982.

If you read the article, it is a brand new rebuild cast from the original.
Unfortunately, an awful lot of kit cars are never completed because people underestimate the considerable amount of work involved.


My misunderstanding, I was talking about the part of this thread that pertained to Foster's car. Last taxed in 82 and last logbook issued in 84.

I was lucky enough to see this (Foster's) car before it was taken off the road AND have a ride in it!



Found this fan illustration of Straker's car on the Web. It was done by Jiro Yamada-who is known for his car cutaways. The features I pointed out are based on conjecture, but I agree the car's turbine engine is situated in the rear. Automatic transmission was chosen because the passenger turbine cars produced in the past had it (and the driver probably has enough on their mind and didn't need to worry about shifting gears).

I then did a drawing showing the driver side and center console of Straker's car. It is based on screencaps from the episodes "A Question of Priorities" and "The Psychobombs." The details are based on what was seen in the series, and on the Chrysler turbine car of the 1960s. The parking brake is based on the Ford Escort. I did not show where the gas cap release, the front hood, or back hood release are. Presume they would be in the same location as the Escort. We never see a character carry a set of ignition keys. I presume they carry a remote that allows for keyless entry and car startup (much like today's cars). As a reminder, this is not canon, but based on fan's ideas.


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