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EMA 44" Shopping List

Lee S

Does anyone have a shopping list for EMA parts on the 44" Eagle?
Seeing as shipping is my biggest headache these days, I'd like to place just one order and get everything I need. I'm not going to be making Eagle 1, 2 or 3 per say, Eagle 5 maybe, so if it's pieces that were on one and not another I'll get them and may/may not use.



Lee S


Does anyone have a mold on the Gemini/Saturn V parts used on the legs and pod? I have some and was going to mold them, seems a waste to buy another kit for just a few tiny pieces.



I'm looking for some of those Gemini parts (or rather castings of them) too. The underside of the pod has them as well as the leg pods. I'm primarily after the hemispherical pieces with the slightly offset ring / hole on the top...I'm sure you know the one I mean.

Anyone in the business of supplying these ?


Lee, it really depends which one you're doing. Season one Eagle detail used a lot of EMA. Season two almost none. Apart from the main engine combustion cylinders, you're not committed to EMA at all.

Lee S

Good point Chiris :)
I guess, thanks to you, David, Jim and Daniel's blueprints (I'll be basing everything mostly on them) I'm aiming for Eagle 1, Season 2 I guess .

While I'm at it, do you have an 'in stock' list of your decals?

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I've not assembled an EMA list but the EMA parts are marked on the drawings. Currently all the decals bar one are in stock and I'll be renewing those this week. See the decals thead in Taybors Emporium. You only pay shipping based on the largest sheet you buy i.e. the smaller/cheaper sheets go in with the largest and you pay no more shipping than the largest sheet costs you to ship.
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Hey Lee,

Here is what I ordered based on the DP/CT Blueprints. I ordered a bit extra though to account for any screw ups. If you go to the Plastruct website you can cross reference the numbers with the online catalog. If I remeber correctly, the pump and motor set are no longer available as to what's specified on their drawings, so I ordered a substitute.

1 of TB-6 Package of 9
2 of TP-6 Package of 5
3 of PCM-37
2 of E-6 Package of 5
1 of TB-4 Package of 10
1 of PV-4 Package of 5
1 of RC-4 Package of 5
1 of PV-6 Package of 5
2 of VHH-48 Package of 5
1 of FV-6 Package of 5
1 of RV-4 Package of 5
1 of EF-6 Package of 5
1 of EF-4 Package of 5
1 of EL-4 Package of 5
1 of TP-4 Package of 5
8 of VHH-175 1-3/4" HEMISPHERE
2 of VHH-48 1-1/2" HEMISPHERE

Hope this helps,


Lee S

Thanks Even!
I forgot that the blueprints had everything listed and was going to do that tonight. You just saved me atleast an hour :)



EMA will supply the hemispheres in any colour but clear (acrylic) or grey (ABS) is recommended. Both of those are standard. If you want a particular, you need to add the colour code to the part number. Be warned, some US part numbers differ from the UK ones, why I have no idea.
In the above shopping list, the pump and motor set PCM-37 is incorrect.

The correct part is PCM-26. If you already have engine tanks, you won't need all those spheres.

The price is approx. $100. USD...You can fill your shopping cart by searching for the parts here:
Here is a similar shopping list:
2X       TP-4		1/8 EMA TEE
2X       TP-6		3/16 EMA TEE
1X       TB-4		1/8 EMA PIPE  
1X       TB-6		3/16 EMA PIPE 
2X       E-4		1/8 EMA STD 90 deg ELBOW
7X       E-6		3/16 EMA STD 90deg ELBOW
4X       EL-6		3/16 90 DEG SHORT RADIUS ELBOW
3X       PV-4		1/8 EMA PLUG VALVE
1X       PV-6		3/16 EMA PLUG VALVE
3X       RC-6		3/16 to 1/4 EMA CONCENTRIC REDUCER
2X       VHH-32(W)	1" EMA SPHERE
4X       VHH-48(w)	1 1/2" EMA SPHERE
2X       FV-6		3/16 EMA CHECK VALVE
2X       RV-4		1/8 EMA RELIEV VALVE


Hi all thinking of building a 44" eagle 1 next year wanted to know what i might need to start with? i gues the blue prints first

1:Small Art Works
is proud to exclusively host...
The World's Most Accurate
Eagle Blueprints .Does the plans tell you all little parts youll need to get to finish the kit in detail? and The drawings are printed in 1/48th scale, the same size as a 22" Eagle, exactly half the size of the actual 44" model, i wanted the plans in 44" but

2: the kit: KIT & COLLECTOR ALERT!: 44 Inch Space 1999 EAGLE Kit! from Robert Burns

3:the Gemini by revell

4:1:144 apollo saturn v rocket by airfix

5:gear which i will be building as long as i can get acurate measurements from plans i already built some ...... Space 1999 Eagle Transporter Forum > Main Mission > Launch Pad
Mattel Eagle: Restoration and Upgrade what else will i be needing? thanks for your help..


Ive seen the work some people have done on there eagles and i want to do the same high quality and detailed work so any help on parts lists would be great.
You got 2 threads going....drop one :)
If you buy the Robert Burns kit you'll have everything you need.

If not, then yes you'll need parts which I'm not sure if you can or want to get them all from Robert or some from other sellers.

Realisticaly, it's gonna cost $1000-$2000 (on the low side) just for the basic parts and cost more if you go brass or having someone else make the parts for you.

I built my own CM once and it cost more than had I bought one. For the brass spine and cages, you will also need accurate jiggs and various tools.

There's many who provide parts - this is a quick list
-brass cages, spine - stingray48442
-brass landing gear - Paul Grey, eagle2010, Chris Trice/DX-SFX (if not busy)
-CM - Chris Trice/DX-SFX is currenlty providing his final version and possibly final run of these.

Captain Sci fi sells a few things at:
He was also talking about providing alum bells and such (taking over from Mike Reader)

Again, Roberts kits gives you everything giving you a good start.
Having one of his kits will also make you familiar with all the different parts comprising the 44" Eagle. Robert currenlty has this as 365 pieces.
Later if you want you can make changes pieces with other resin or other pieces, white metal, brass, alum.


the plans for a 44" eagle are X2 just double the size on the plans and you are sorted
if the plans were 44" scale they would be too big to work with
the plans for a 44" eagle are X2 just double the size on the plans and you are sorted
if the plans were 44" scale they would be too big to work with

From what I hear, SIZE does matter :brows:
But I don't think it's because bigger size plans would be any more difficult to work with.

I think it's because it reduces the cost to print them as well as reduces the cost to ship them that size making them more affordable.
I'm going to pull the trigger on another one of these myself. I used to have a complete listing of brass needed to produce. Does anyone have a listing of the brass dimensions? I can calculate lengths etc. I would prefer to build it than purchase... I like to build.

Thanks so much

Lee M.