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EMA 44" Shopping List

44"...I'm ordering brass now. I have to build all new jigs etc. I last built on one in 2005. No worries I'll definitely document and share and since I have some great video equipment I might put on youtube as well.

Lee M.


Hi all

EMA has closed in Shepperton, they shut shop before xmas , as far as i know they have relocated ?

Sods law , and it was on my doorstep for parts .


I have an AB 44" pod for sale,its a bit heavy for international postage but UK will be around £25,i need £350 + Postage


I got an email from Mike Reader and he is no longer making the 44" bells, I need the vtols and attitudes for Eagle 2. I did get a set of Season 2 bells from Paul a while back. Dont know if he has any, you might check.