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Email addresses

Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Guys,

in an effort to knock down a large amount of error message traffic I need all users to pop over to their user profiles and check that their email address is up to date. There are many users subscribed to threads requesting email alerts when new posts are added, these messages are getting bounced back if the email address used to register the account is out of date / no longer active.

I also like to send a birthday message to forum members and the same issue occurs.

Check 'em people, check 'em good :D


No idea how to do that. Looked at my profile and under contact info there is nothing about email addresses.


I couldn't find my email address in my profile either but I am getting alerts so I'm thinking it's correct.



Mine seem to be coming OK, too (including yours, Cap'n! ;) )...

That said, I'm in the same boat with KevinD and joeb, in that I looked where they did and couldn't find my e-mail address... :no:

Suspect we might have the right idea, but looking in the wrong place? :think:

A bit of clarity on this would be most appreciated! :yes:

Captain Sci-Fi

Ok let me screen shot as a walk through, I keep forgetting that my control panel may not be the same as the ones you see.

I think maybe I might PM the members initially and then publish a list, either way you'll still need to check your email registered to them forum.

Captain Sci-Fi

How to check your current email address

Find the link to the User control panel marked User CP in the grey bar as shown:

Look for the Setting & Options (near the lower portion of the menu, then open the edit email & password tab:

Check the email address entered there to be sure it's one you are using (typical problems are caused with old work / school / non active account email address)