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Explosives Truck


Hi to anyone out there.
I've been busy, if that's the word, trying to decide what my next project will be, I've jumped around from one idea to another without much luck.
I had actually started a Spectrum A42 Helicopter but I was so unhappy with it I decided to scrap it.
However I think I've finally decided my next model which is of course an Explosives Truck.
This decision also creates a major problem namely the wheels. My skills are limited and I was wondering if there were anyone out there who would be willing to mould a set of wheels for this truck. I know I'm asking a lot but I have absolutely no experience of moulding or working with JE wheels.
I have one original JE wheel which I keep looking at hoping it'll turn into another eleven but nothing happens. I'm aware the treads have to be modified etc and that there is a lot of work involved but please if anyone can help do get in touch.
Whatever happens I'll start on the body soon and if the worst comes to the worst I'll just fit some other wheels as a tempory measure.
Many thanks