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Fantastic Plastic 1/3700th Battlestar Pegasus


Howdo all!
This one is a done thing and out of my face, something i'm fairly happy about after the grief this one caused but them's the breaks.

35 page main gallery plus a vid on the first large pic page:

10 page WIP log, warts and all:

And the thread pics...



Right with you on that friend Rab.
I wish someone has started a thread somewhere about this kit because i'd probably have turned the job down...or at least thought about it more seriously than I did!

It's a pig of a kit and that's sugar coating it. That said yours is coming together and it's a nice enough beast once done. I say that mainly because it's done and you don't have to go through it again ;)

Saying that though, the owner of this has presented me with some more kits to build for 'im but at least this time around I think I have the better end of the deal. Only two out of the six are going to be a bit of a teeth gnash escapade so all good so far...later is another matter.

Take care out there!

Big Rab

Forum Supporter
Raytheon, I totally agree.

I have to say that it is very nice when built but very glad it’s over (almost)
The master was don by the brilliant Alfred Wong (I wish I had that one), , , , so the kit just screams “buy me” and on first look out of the box it put a smile on my face.
However when I took it out again to build it, that’s when the problems started.

Whoever did the commercial casting must have been in a hurry to get as many out before the moulds gave up (some of my parts must have been last out).

There were several parts missing I had to copy in resin and also I had a few extra parts that were no good to me at all.
Lower hanger decks should have 2 left and 2 right end pieces, I had 4 the same.
The inside the rear engine pods had lost most of the ribbed detail,
The box section the engines mount on to was warped, but luckily it was hidden by the engine pods when fitted.
There was no wire supplied for the engine section, so I had to find some soft aluminium rod and bend it to shape.
The lower nose section was like a banana so I had to clamp it to the table and get the heat gun on to it.
The upper nose section had a hole in the casting (just too thin)
All the little guns that go along the side of the hull / hanger ends were horrendous castings to say the least and I could not use half of them at all.

---- At this point I said to my self “I wish I had built it from scratch” -----

The 4 (badly) photocopied pages of instructions were a complete waste of time - - - I got more information just looking around the internet.
The few decals (Made by JBOT) were as good, crisp and detailed as you would expect from Jimbo BUT he must have been given some wrong information as the two large decals did not fit the nose section, (too small and cut at the wrong angle) no matter how good they looked.

Good points
All in all, it is a beautiful design to start with then Alfred captured it perfectly in his master and JBOT’s decals look great. This will be one to display at home soon.

Bad points
The bad castings / rubbish instructions and no reply to emails made this a pig of a garage kit to build.

One more good point - - - this would look fantastic at twice the size (one more to add to my “to do” scratch list, at least I have got some very good reference now)
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