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:2c: :(

Moonbase Eternal Status Report...

I've always had a particular affection for Vana (Missing Link), as she was my Convention costume at Springfield MA in 1982; Barry Morse was among the costume-contest judges that year, and (wow, recalling the competition!) I placed third-in-division...!

Which made it especially sad, reading this news today (Mon) on the Gerry Anderson website. Your light is still travelling...
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Sad news indeed.....

....and to think I was only watching her in Into Infinity a couple of weeks back - the archetypal English rose, but you could see she was a an actress as well. Talent plus looks, I'd say.

Thanks for drawing our attention to this Boatie, would have missed it otherwise. Moving on to another story now.......

Kindest regards



Sad news. She was great in Missing Link. Her performance was sincere and heartfelt, very moving and touching. Rest In Peace.


Joanna Dunham was also the best actress to play Van Der Valk's wife in the seventies TV series in my opinion! She even turned up in an earlier show as a kept woman but the producers must have seen she had charisma with Barry Foster who played Van Der Valk so when they recast the part...