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Federation Guns - 6 different ones-Builds+Research


I only meant to make one :lol:

I set out to build a fed rifle using the reference on the original props in the excellent thread here:

I realised after buying the parts from EMA that I would have enough material to make more than one gun. I was going to make an extra one to sell, before discovering the 'carbine' version from the S4 episode Games.

Getting into the swing of things, I started researching the pistols, and everything got a bit out of hand :wtf:

I thought it would be interesting to post everything I did and stuff I discovered in one thread, so here it is :)

The end results of my labours, clockwise from top: Standard trooper rifle with removable magazine, carbine version, Travis pistol, Servalan S4 pistol 1, Servalan S4 pistol 2, standard officer pistol.


Almost everything you need to know about the Fed rifles can be found in the thread above. Andy's inside information and pics, along with those of Exterminator, give fantastic reference for the props used in the show. As mentioned by Andy, the majority of the rifle parts were sourced from EMA Models, which remarkably is still going strong

This gives us a very cool opportunity to build props using the materials the original prop makers used. This info is all in Andy's thread, but for the record, the EMA parts used are as follows:

VT-175 (44.4mm) Main body tubing
VT-150 (38.1mm) Inner tubing
VT-20 (15,9mm) Shoulder stock tubing
FPH-16 (12.7mm) Square section
FPH-6 (4.8mm) Sight section
FPB-14 (11.1 x 6.4) Under girder bridge part
PSB-24 (19.1 x 7.9) Joins main body to handel
VX-175 Front ring
VX-150 Back ring

The paint used on nearly all the Federation weapons is Halfords Vauxhall Hazel Brown, with some props using Ford Aztec Gold on the grips.

It's quite expensive buying all the parts from EMA, as you can't just order short lengths of the various tubes. The plastic is ABS, which gets a bit feathery (?) when cutting, so be prepared for cleanup.

I started out calculating the dimensions for the rifle by measuring a Friedland bell-push, then scaling up to match Andy's pictures in Adobe Illustator:

As the images in Andy's thread demonstrate, different guns had different detailing, with two distinct stock styles being seen.

I cut my tubing with a mitre saw and the square tube with a hacksaw with mitre box. I'm fortunate in having a laser cutter that I can use for the handle parts.

I built up the handles using layers of acrylic which allowed for the placement of the Friendland and electronics.

I also decided to make a removable magazine, as seen in the S3 episode episode Powerplay. Again, there is a very good reference pic of the original prop in Andy's thread. The mag was made from 5mm aluminium, turned on my lathe. I used two lasercut 8mm sheets glued together for the shoulder stock.

I decided to use the aluminium tube for the barrel instead of the EMA tube wrapped with silver tape. In some shots of the inner barrel, there does appear to be a similar metal tube, difficult to say for sure:

I installed a pair of ultra-bright LEDs. I played around with trying to install sound, but couldn't find a soundcard/speaker combination that I could fit into the prop.

The magazine was finished up with laser-cut and dremelled perspex, an EMA hemisphere and cut-down O-ring from Ebay.

For the extending section of the stock I used a telescopic camera monopod.

Vauxhall Hazell Brown is not the easiest rattle can to use. It's kinda thick and gloopy, light repeated coats are necessary to avoid runs. Very satisfying when done, the finish is really nice :)

The top section of the grips was sprayed with the Ford Tibetan gold, and sawn-off screw-heads added to complete the handle.

The finished gun:

The buildup for the carbine followed a similar process. Studying the screencaps, it appears the gun lacks side details, instead featuring seven square tubes instead of the usual six:

I used aluminium disks from Ebay for the dividing plates and an EMA elliptical head (VHE-150) for the endcap.

All the striping tapes were picked up on Ebay.


The Federation pistols were a little more tricky. As far as I know, there aren't any pictures of screenused props online. I've seen quite a few replicas, but none are quite accurate to the ones I could find in the show, including Martin Bower's versions.

I've tried to make my pistols as accurate to what I could see onscreen as possible. The first use of the weapon I could find is the gun that Travis acquires from Docholli's assailant in Gambit:

Using the Friedland again, I came up with the following EMA parts:

VT-36 (28.6) Main body tubing
VT-32 (25.4mm) Inner tubing
FPH-10 (7.9mm) Square section
STAS-4P Side detail (plastruct ladders)
VX-36 - Rings
VHE- (25.4mm) - Elliptical Head

The main body is approx 128mm, depending on the variant.

I used aluminium tubing for the barrel again and the whole handle was prayed with Aztec Gold. The handle consisted of an 8mm middle section, with 3mm sheet on either side with cut-outs for the finger grips.

Laser cutting the grips:

The finger grips were shaped from Millput:

With the grips assembled sanded and filled on the seams with more Milliput, the build was completed.

After Gambit, the pistol is seen regularly, with a slightly different configuration, that appears most clearly in Powerplay. The main differences from the Travis gun is the lack of the rear cap after the the back ring, and the colour scheme.

The standard pistol has a uniform Hazel Brown paintjob, red tape around the rear cap and front ring, and is missing the tape above the handle.

Again, it wasn't my intention to do variants, but left over parts :lol:

In S4 two new variants appear, wielded only by Servalan. Seen in Traitor and Animals, the pistol features a machined barrel, yellow stripes and an olive green handle. For the first time the Friedland is also painted. This weapon fires a charge in Traitor (you can see the barrel insert in one cap) and an unconvincing energy beam in Animals.

This first version was fairly straightforward to replicate, the barrel was turned on the lathe from aluminium tube, and sprayed with Halfords Ford Alpine green on the handle. I'm not really happy with the Alpine Green, if anyone can suggest a better match, I'd like to redo those.

A second version of the pistol turns up in Games. The rear section of tube has a larger diameter than the main body, with four raised sections of EMA square tube mounted on it.

This build necessitated another section of tube, one size up from the gun body, with a lip cut out to mount the small lengths of square tube on. This didn't prove high enough for the 'sights', so I added an extra couple of sections of tube to raise them.

Please, nobody tell me they've spotted any more :wtf:
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Chief Eagle Pilot
On the pistols the corrigated strip under the square tubing is/was a disposable razor handle with the head cut off, I've got one somewhere, I'll get a pic up when I can.

Andy H
Excellent builds Birdie. Can I ask if you've got the magazine 'locking' in, if so how ?

If anyones interested as an alternative to Friedland these are a very acceptable alternative and available on Ebay; 'Byron 7730 Glow Bell Push White - Illuminated' quite cheap too.


Excellent builds Birdie. Can I ask if you've got the magazine 'locking' in, if so how ?

It doesn't actually lock, I had to sand the inside of the EMA tube so it fits in snugly by friction.

Two of my Friendlands on the pistols are actually fakes, made of perspex. I have a few real ones left for when I eventually get around to a Liberator gun build.


Alphans there anything left to say? It's all been covered.....I'll go then.

Lovely work Birdie.


How did you get the centre hole bit in the back of you magazine hemisphere? Are the EMA ABS hemispheres solid? I always thought they were hollow!? Did you just drill? And what hemisphere did you use for both it and the static models?


How did you get the centre hole bit in the back of you magazine hemisphere? Are the EMA ABS hemispheres solid? I always thought they were hollow!? Did you just drill? And what hemisphere did you use for both it and the static models?

The paragun magazine was actually laser cut from 8mm acrylic sheet, including the centre hole and the mount holes for the O ring. The bevel was sanded manually with a Dremel.

I then cut another solid disk the same diameter which was glued to the bottom of the first. Once the seam was filled, it appears to be a single piece.

The backs of the pistols were similarly cut and beveled as necessary. IIRC, the only EMA hemi I used was the elliptical cap on the rear of the carbine.


I guess I should start a new build, can't have Century Castings running out of stuff of mine to copy and put on Ebay :roll:


Nope, most of his Blakes stuff (I think he'd done a Paragun and a bracelet previously) started appearing on Ebay around 6 weeks after I first posted this thread. He has directly copied my Servalan guns and Travis concealed pistol, I think his pistols are copied from mine and the replica on Martin Bower's site (which is very different to anything that appeared onscreen). His communicator showed up on ebay shortly after another member here posted their build and techniques.

Back in July he bought a Scorpio Blaster kit from me at Smallspace, through another member here. He built it up and posted pictures on his Facebook page, claiming it as his own creation, and offering recasts. I saw it and messaged him about my displeasure. He agreed to withdraw the recast offer, but ignored my request to make it clear that the images on his site were a buildup of my kit.

He now offers his own SB kit, which is very nice, but appears to be reverse engineered from mine.

I posted this thread originally to show my work and shared dims, caps and research in the hope that it would inspire others to do their own builds, and yeah, it irks me that he is making money selling direct copies of mine and others work, without apparently doing any research of his own, or putting his own spin on it, and that people actually think it's my stuff they are buying

The fact that he was prepared to recast my kit until I caught him at it....:thumbdown:

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