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Federation Pursuit Ship


Hi everyone,

I am planning to put together a Federation Pursuit Ship and have trawled through all the older threads looking for references, etc. I found a couple with some very useful information, although these are now several years old, so some of the pictures and links are no longer working. I was wondering if if were possible for those who know to help out and post any useful reference information here to help out with a madman who plans to try to build one with today's kit prices ...

Thanks in advance!


So, I am slowly pulling together the parts for this build and I recall that in the old thread there was a mention of someone having cast the required Airfix Eagle and Harrier parts - is this still a thing and are these still available; these two kits are proving to be very problematic to get hold of at the moment. Happy to pay for these parts if necessary.

Also, can someone confirm if I need a 1/20 Tamiya Tyrell P34 and if the 1/72 Revell V2 kit that is currently available a suitable substitute for the 1/60 version that was mentioned on the thread? And if I have managed to get hold of a Beaufighter, do I still need to find the Airfix E-boat?

Many thanks!


Update - I think I may have sorted the Harrier and Eagle parts, but am now wondering if there was any reference for the dimensions of the fins and wings and the materials used for the wing blasters?



Hello again.

So I am slowly gathering donor kits, although some have proven not to be as useful as I hoped. Right now, I'm trying to get hold of an Airfix E-Boat and have heard that the Tamiya 1/24 Centurion MKIII was used for the antenna array. I would love some help with identifying a couple of other parts though if possible.

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 15.56.14.pngScreenshot 2021-07-16 at 15.56.07.png

Thanks - also, would you be interested in my progress photos?


Just a small update, have mostly been chopping styrene and drilling holes for the wings. Did a quick mockup of one:



Also, for anyone interested in such things, here is a list of the materials and donor kits used so far (remember, this is based on the Martin Bower original three, your mileage will vary). My thanks go out to everyone who helped with parts identification and putting up with me seeing parts in kits that turned out to be wrong. Also note that I had some hard to get hold of and rare parts 3D printed. I plan to post a final list on completion.

Donor Kits (confirmed)
  • Airfix Apollo Saturn V (1/144) x 2
    • 1/2/3/4 (nose rear section, cut bottom level with top and reduce height)
    • 6 & 7 (nose forward section, lower)
    • 8/9/14/15/16/17 (upper wing detail, just top part)
    • 18 (upper and lower wing detail, chopped)
    • 22 & 23 (main engine, remove bayonet fitting)
    • 27 (main engine)
    • 28 & 29 (nose rear section, cut at end of ridge detail)
    • 30/31/32/33/34/35/36/37/39/39 (upper and lower wing detail, just top part)
    • 40 (port wing upper)
    • 45 & 46 (nose tip)
    • 49 (nose forward section, upper)
    • 50 (port wing upper detail)
    • 61 (nose forward section)
    • 62 & 63 (nose forward section)
    • 66 & 67 (wing blaster lower detail) x 2
    • 73 (antenna array round dish)
    • 76 (nose forward section)
    • 77 & 78 (wing upper rear detail)
    • 79 (nose forward section)
  • Airfix Douglas F4D-1 Skyray (1/72) x 3
    • 34, 53/54/55, 68/69 (Main Engine)
    • 46 (starboard main upper body, with hole drilled into it)
    • 69 (starboard wing upper)
    • 51/52 (port main upper body, cut to second detail line from nose)?
    • 52 (starboard main upper body, forward; nose rear section, fin end cut off) x 2
    • 51 (nose forward section, cut to second detail line [upper], cut to first detail line [lower]) x 2
    • 57/58/59/60 (upper fin top x 2)
    • 53/54/55/56 (upper fin side top x both sides)
    • 63/65 (forward upper main body)
  • Airfix Harrier GR1/GR3 (1/24)
    • 133/150 (side intake scoops)
    • 216 (nose rear section detail)
    • 232 & 235 (wing rectangular intake detail)
    • 258/260 (lower wing detail)
  • Airfix/AMT/Fundimensions Space 1999 Eagle Transporter (1/72) x 2
    • Lower passenger pod (wing rear engines, forward wing detail, lower wing detail)
    • Pod Thruster (top forward main body)
  • Airfix Apollo Lunar Module (1/72)
    • 5/10/14/18 (upper wing detail)
  • Airfix German E-Boat/S-Boat (1/72)
    • 267/268/272/273 (starboard upper wing detail, antenna array)
    • 215/216/220/221 (nose forward detail, fin end cut off)
    • 104/105 (nose rear detail)
  • Tamiya Centurion MKIII Battle Tank (1/25)
    • Various parts used on antenna array
  • Tamiya Matra MS11 (1/12)
    • A3 (nose rear section detail)
EMA Materials
  • KW-12 C.S. Column Wedge x 21 (rear nose section detail)
  • VX-150 Ring Flange 52.4mm (main engine ring)
  • HE-20 Elliptical Head 15.9mm (lower wing detail) x 2
  • VHE-150 Elliptical Head 38.1mm (forward wing root caps, cut to fit)
  • SPRING-100 Springs
  • VT-325 Vessel Tubing 82.5mm (main body)
  • VT-150 Vessel Tubing 38.1mm (wing roots, cut vertically in half)
  • VT-24 Vessel Tubing 19.1mm (wing tip blasters outer)
  • VT-20 Vessel Tubing 15.9mm (wing tip blasters inner)
  • VS-150 Saddle 38.1mm x 8
Other Materials
  • Evergreen Styrene Strips (various sizes)
  • 3mm brass tube (2mm inner)
  • 2mm brass rod
  • 3mm styrene sheet
  • 4mm styrene sheet
  • 1mm styrene sheet
  • 0.75mm styrene sheet


More chopping out of styrene using a scalpel, a razor saw, a Stanley knife and some elbow grease.

The wing tip blasters are test pieces at the moment - more on that in a later post.
Coming along nicely. I started mine a few years back but still haven't finished it due to time constraints. I have almost finished the main body though.


A few updates: finally got hold of an E-Boat so threw some primer on and have made some progress with the wings.

Hope to start mine again in a few weeks [ when I've finished certain other projects I have to finish ]. I'll have a look see if I can find any live links that might be of help too - though you're doing very well so far.