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Fighter Pilots -


I've always had an appreciation of what a fighter pilot has to go through however when a reporter gets the chance to find out for himself - lucky bugger - its worth watching;

I'd need a barf bag, especially when he does the spinning - I can't stand being spun even for a few short moments.

Blue Angel aerobatic display - I'd love to see these guys.


Agreed. Its the sort of thing you'd want to "swallow your masculine pride about throwing up and having to learn to do stuff as they tell you" over. So much fun.... and so scary at the same time. When you finally get it it must be such a blast to pilot.

Until combat that is

paul gray

Forum Supporter
made me feel ill just watching the clips. reminded me of the time Jeremy Clarkson went up in a similar plane. he needed the sick bag , as i would no doubt.
cheers Paul


Yes Clarkson had the F-15 Eagle some years ago, and I remember him getting out after the flight and 'barfing' his guts out. He said it humbled him like nothing else...

More recently James May had a trip in a Eurofighter, and he stood up to things a little better...and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Worth catching if you get the chance...


The big difference between May and Clarkson though is May has been taking flight training lessons and I believe might be a licensed pilot by now. Clarkson tends to stay glued to the ground when he isn't flying commercial or on a private jet.


James May has been a pilot for some time and owns his own plane. One of the older series of Top Gear had Clarkson in a car trying to beat May in his plane on a trip across Europe (from fuzzy memoery).


That was the challenge of May & Hammond in the Cessna vs Clarkson in a Bugatti Veyron, travelling up from the South of France to London's Nat West Tower.

The guys in the Cessna were doing OK until they ran out of daylight and had to land near Lille and catch the Eurostar to London.

Needless to say, Clarkson won...