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Fireball XL5 Junior 3D Printed Model


I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the work I am doing in building a 13" Fireball Jr. using parts I 3D printed. I am still in the middle of finishing it so please ignore some of the rough edges.

Here are some other pics of the work in progress:


Absolutely brilliant; did you do the modelling yourself?

What software/printer are you using.

The cabin parts are right at the limit of FDM printing; have you thought about an SLA/DLP printer, they're becoming affordable.

Anyway, fantastic work. I'd love to hear how you finish the parts prior to painting.



Hi Mick,

Thanks for the comment.

I did not do the original 3D model drawing myself. I found an excellent model at the 3D Warehouse by a "Simon C.". If you go there and do a search on fireball, you should find it. However, I did have make a lot of changes as the model was never intended to be printed. I also had to break it apart as my printer, a Creality Ender 2, only has a 165mmx165mmx250mm print space. In order to print the size I wanted I had to cut the top off and take the fins off and do them separately. I learned a lot about using SketchUp which is the software it was originally designed in. I posted some of my updated files on my web site at if you are interested in printing one.

As to the cabin parts, you are correct. For this size model, they are at the limit of an FDM printer. I would love to get an SLA/DLP printer and give that a try. Something to consider in the future.

As to finishing, I used many coats of an automotive primer/filler spray can. That and a lot of elbow grease and putty where needed got me to a pretty smooth surface to paint on.

I'll post some more pics as I complete the model.

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Captain Sci-Fi

I LOVE this model, and will be tracking the files down to print one. I always fancied a really big Fireball Junior, no excuses now. :D


Thanks, everyone for you wonderful comments. I'll post some more pics as I finish up the model.



Fireball Jr Update

Progress report on my 3D printed 13" Fireball Jr model. I redid the cockpit frame and other cleanups. Left to be done is weathering/panel lines on the body and of course the decals.